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That’s Things you Need to Know: How to write an Amazon Affiliate content?


To get more sales and traffic on your website it is the top priority that you should create an A+ content that is more engaging and user friendly. Users should feel easy to read it and come back on your website again and again after the first visit. Writing A+ content and engaging visitors to your website will boost your traffic and sale as well. If you are looking for deep research and guidance about how to create such amazing content that will engage users on your website. Cheers— you are in the right place.

What Exactly Amazon A+ Content Consists Of

There are certain ways to create an amazing as well as engaging content for an Amazon affiliate website. We can enhance it from ordinary to the special that will attract and engage the user to buy from your link. There are several examples of the websites that are producing content which is engaging as well as attractive that had to boost the traffic and sales of them. Moreover, you can fond the descriptive detail of the A+ Content on Amazon website that will tell you what the vendors looking for in the content.

Furthermore, the most important tactic is to engage the content is by creating modules like comparison charts, videos, testimonials, and many more.

We have found the best example of websites that are producing best Affiliate blogs; we will mention at the end of this article with the examples of their best blogs as well.

Amazing A+ content can overcome the hectic of the consumers to search for the best product on Amazon by mentioning the top best products of each category. Moreover, affiliate experts highlight the pros cons and top best features of those products that are in their categories. It will increase the results of the site in Google as well as boost your traffic and sales.

According to the statement found on Amazon, A+ content can enhance your sale up to 3 -10%.

How to Create Amazon affiliate  A+ Content

First of all, you do need to complete research on that hat product you are going to choose for your website or in which category you are going to target. After that look for the trend of those products on google trends. Google trends will tell you the trending of that keyword or topic for you are going to creating your blog. For example, we have selected a topic of the vacuum cleaner. Let’s see its trending.

Well according to this tool it is clearly observable that trends of vacuum cleaner in the united states are at its peak moreover, in a few months of the year it is 100%.

The second thing you need to do for this is to find the keywords of that product which you can use many of the tools available on the internet. Use LSI, generic, exact match phrases in your content to make it more engaging and trending. You can use Ahref, keyword everywhere, semrush, and many other tools for keyword research.

The best thing about using these tools will tell you about the keyword volume its ranking capacity, return click as well as its difficulty. Once you have found the keyword with great potential time to write the content for your blog.

You do need an SEO for your website to get those results but it doesn’t mean SEO shows you results in a week or month. It is time consuming and patience task. It usually takes up to 6 months on a new website according to the Niel Petal.

Affiliate websites with A+ content

There are some examples of the websites that are doing the same with great potential keywords:

1. Vend Review

The primary focus of this website on kitchen and home gadgets as well as also working on pet food products. Content is well organized according to the product category as well as in detail prescribed descriptions, features as well as Pros and cons of the product. We have found one of the best writing is the hand blender among their writings. It doesn’t mean remaining are not good writings. 

2. The Prepared

Prepared team working on the hiking products. Products used for hiking purposes and they did complete research. Website age is about 2 years and they are at the top priorities in google. The best example of their blog is the best tarp.

3. Home grounds

The website is working on the coffee products and tells how to make and enjoy the better quality of the coffee. Working on this niche from the previous 3 years and they are found to be the best worker in their niche as well as a top best article for this website as an example is home baristas.

4. Dog Food Advisor

As the name shows of this website are working with deep research about dog foods and their products that are best for your pet. Their main page or topic o which they are working is the best dog food.

5. PCPartPicker

According to the name of the previous website domain, its name also reflects the main category of their work. PC Part picker working on the PC products and their accessories as the Associate program of Amazon. They are working on it for 9 years.

Best Practices to write an Amazon A+ content

  • Never use special characters like ® or ™
  • Before pacing images you should check the resolution of images as well as give credit from where you have used either it is from Amazon.
  • Before publishing your content go for proofreading for grammar errors as well as for plagiarism check —  Such mistakes can create a big impact on your website traffic and sales. 
  • One of the best practice which can engage your website users by using a banner of the product or infographics.
  • The most essential thing you can use the Comparison charts between the two products. It is the best way to highlight the features of the major products.  
  • Prefer more towards the visualization of the website make it user-friendly.

Final Verdict

Creating Amazon affiliate A+ content is a challengeable thing but if you did complete research while selecting the domain and niche. Keyword research is one of the best and important things while creating content. You can explore different websites according to your niche and your selected topic and then write for this by following the above-mentioned steps. I hope it will be a beneficial one for you while working on the Affiliate program.



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