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All Things Considered: Designing the Ultimate Home Gaming Rooms

As it gets more difficult to meet up with friends and family members, more people are turning toward a beloved pastime: games!

In fact, Discord noted a 200% increase in account sign-ups over a week, allowing gamers to connect online.

Whether you’re a fan of video games, pool, or foosball, it’s great to have your favorite games in one place.

With home gaming rooms, you can design the ultimate entertainment room for your home! Even with social distancing, you and your family can have fun while staying safe.

Keep reading to discover five creative game room ideas, to help you design the entertainment room of your dreams!

1. Know Your Audience

About 65% of households in the U.S. own a gaming device. Many people look for entertainment room ideas to set up a home theater. Home gaming rooms vary based on who intends on using it.

When looking for gaming room ideas, make sure to know your audience. What do you plan on using the gaming room for?

If it’s for video games or movies, you’ll need a stunning TV and a good sound system. If it’s for arcade games or table tennis, you’ll need to consider your space. Make a list of the items you’ll need to make the best gaming room for your family.

2. Set a Budget

Before you start buying what you need for your game room, consider your budget. Video games, furniture, and other entertainment items can add up fast.

For example, you might decide on a Snooker table instead of an air hockey table based on your budget.

Once you set your budget, look back at your list. Do you need to cross a few items off?

3. Size It Right

Take a look at the space you plan on using for your game room. You want to make the most of your space, while still having room for multiple people.

Take measurements of the walls for your TV. You’ll also need measurements to determine what furniture can fit. Skipping this step could lead to costly mistakes.

4. Make It Comfy

Head online to find photos of home gaming rooms for inspiration. Focus on making the room functional and comfortable.

First, you’ll want to get the seating right. After all, people want to relax and unwind in your home game room.

Next, look for ways to tuck your wires away. Obvious wires snaking across the floor could become hazardous.

Don’t forget to search for storage ideas too.

You’ll want to keep the space organized for your magazines, games, movies, and other items.

Keeping the room neat will also help you maximize the space!

5. Start Soundproofing

You don’t want noise from the gaming room to disturb other spaces in your home. You can use thick curtains, carpets, and other absorbing materials to minimize the noise.

Game On: 5 Fun Ideas for Home Gaming Rooms

Relax, unwind, and have fun! With these ideas for home gaming rooms, you can design the entertainment room you’ve always wanted. Make the most of the quarantine with your new gaming room today!

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