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The Top 10 Healthcare HR Challenges of 2020

The healthcare world runs on talent. Patients want the best care from the best doctors — “just okay” is never good enough when it comes to medical help.

The natural conclusion is that healthcare HR always needs to be on top of its game to recruit and keep the most talented medical professionals possible.

In this article, we’ll take a look at ten challenges that healthcare HR is facing in the modern-day.

1. Increase in Average Age

It’s no secret that the baby boomer generation is getting older. In fact, pretty soon elderly folks will outnumber children according to government censuses.

The increase in the average age of the population results in an increase in medical issues in the population, which in turn means that healthcare HR will have to hire more staff to support the increased demand.

2. Salary Competition

In an age where employees are easier able to jump ship and join different companies, salary competition is at an all-time high in order to retain employees.

That’s why attracting good talent at fair pay is a significant challenge.

3. High Turnover

The medical field experiences high turnover due to the demanding nature of the work.

Hours are long and stress is high, and sometimes the high pay can’t compensate for those two disadvantages.

4. Employee Burnout

If the employee doesn’t leave and produce turnover, sometimes medical professionals experience burnout as a result of the high mental stress of taking care of patients’ health.

As a result, the burden falls on healthcare HR to help spark this employee’s productivity back to life.

5. Stringent Federal Regulations

The nature of the healthcare industry invites heavy governmental regulation. Healthcare HR has to keep to these regulations while trying to recruit the best talent, which is no easy task.

6. Insurance Requirements

Because malpractice suits are so common after a botched medical procedure, the healthcare industry has many insurance requirements for its medical professionals.

This can make finding and hiring the right talent for a hospital even harder.

7. Culture Development

The healthcare HR department is responsible for coming up with a strategy to develop a positive culture and work environment in the medical establishment.

Doing so with all of these other challenges can be stressful.

8. Record Compliance

The medical industry requires extensive documentation, and this extends to the roles fulfilled by hospital human resources jobs as well.

Record compliance is yet another headache that healthcare HR must be aware of because of the laws and regulations on claims, patient privacy, and more.

9. Training

One of the most current human resource issues in healthcare is training medical professionals.

The professionals who are fresh out of school are the ones who are most in need of training; yet, training programs for these new graduates are not easy to put together.

10. Labor Shortages

Last but certainly not least, research shows that labor shortages in the healthcare industry are only expected to increase in the next few years.

This will make competing for medical talent even harder as time goes on.

Healthcare HR is Crucial

Healthcare HR is absolutely crucial to building a solid medical establishment. Thus, it’s important for your medical institution to support its human resources department ably if it wants to ensure its own long-term success.

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