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Nonconformity FTW: 3 Unconventional Wedding Tips for a Unique Couple

wedding entertainment ideas; Are you and your soon-to-be spouse unconventional? Don’t plan an ordinary wedding if you’re an extraordinary couple.

Profess your love and make the experience memorable for your guests.

Check out these unconventional wedding tips for your unconventional mind.

1. Live Out Your Fantasy

Traditional weddings can be beautiful and elegant, but they require a lot of stressful planning to live up to formal expectations.

Do you share a common passion? If you both love Star Wars, then plan your wedding on that theme. This is your chance to get creative and change the traditions.

For example, you can require guests to dress as characters from Star Wars. Have the groomsmen dress as stormtroopers. It’s a wedding that will be talked about for years to come.

One of the traditions people are starting to change is the exchanging of vows. Go beyond just writing your own vows – add themed humor and puns to keep people on their toes.

2. Switch Up the Reception

It is commonplace for weddings to have a fancy reception banquet and some music. You can still provide food, but it doesn’t have to be French fine dining.

Hire multiple food trucks instead of a caterer. This will give everyone different options, especially those with allergies. Imagine four different food trucks: a taco truck, a vegetarian truck, a BBQ truck, and a pizza truck.

Your family and friends could have a specific option they like, or they’ll be able to try a little bit of everything.

A fun idea to incorporate is to have a cook-off between local chefs with the bride and groom as the judges. This will get you amazing food at your reception, and it gives the competitors a chance to market their dishes and style.

Music is a solid standard, but maybe you and your partner want to add more. Add inflatables or games to keep your guests wishing the party won’t end. Have the grandparents compete against each other in sumo wrestling outfits for a fun laugh.

Check out more wedding entertainment ideas that will make your wedding a real party.

3. Destination Wedding

For some people, a destination wedding in Hawaii is the ultimate dream. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or make your friends and family break the bank.

Hold your wedding at a zoo or aquarium. You won’t have to worry about having excellent entertainment. The rhinos or sharks will make a great backdrop to your ceremony.

Museums are also amazing wedding destinations. If you use the museum as a venue, then try to schedule it after hours. Your guests can browse the exhibits or galleries for entertainment.

There are usually great halls or conference areas for a reception afterward. Whatever location you choose, ensure that it describes you and your partner.

Unconventional Wedding Tips Offer More Than a Fun Time

You can make your wedding the best bash of the year. But if you follow these unconventional wedding tips, you’ll have memories people will take with them forever.

Don’t follow traditions if you’re a trendsetter!

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