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5 Stylish Tips for a Bedroom Remodel (2021)

Once upon a time, people used their bedrooms for one thing and one thing only — sleeping. But in this day and age, people do more than just sleep when they’re in their bedrooms. People binge-watch Netflix in their bedrooms. They also read and meditate in their bedrooms. And according to one survey, almost 20% of people even eat entire meals in their bedrooms. With this in mind, you may want to consider doing a bedroom remodel to make your master bedroom more stylish than it is now. It’ll help you enjoy it more when you’re hanging out in it.

Here are five stylish tips for a bedroom remodel.

1. Start by Sticking a New Paint Color on the Walls

If you don’t have the time or money to tackle a big bedroom remodel, there is one thing you can do that’ll make a huge difference in your bedroom. You can paint the walls a different color.

There are so many paint colors that’ll look amazing in your bedroom. Some great options are light blue, light gray, and pale green. Your goal should be to find a color that puts your mind at ease and helps you to relax in your bedroom.

2. Update Your Mattress — and Everything That You Keep on It

Has it been more than a decade now since the last time you replaced your mattress? A bedroom remodel will give you the perfect excuse to invest in a new mattress for yourself.

Whether you go with the best mattress for side sleepers or one of your other options, you’ll sleep so much better at night with a new mattress in place. It’ll prove to be more comfortable than your current mattress.

And while you’re picking out a new mattress, how about buying a new comforter and new sheets for it as well? Look for options that will complement the new paint color that you’re putting up on the wall.

3. Set Up Additional Seating Options

One of the reasons why so many people spend so much time in their bedrooms watching TV is because it keeps them comfortable. They find that watching TV in bed gives them the best seat in the house.

But you shouldn’t spend all day long in bed. You should also set up some additional seating options in your bedroom if you have space. A small loveseat or even just a single chair will give you another place to sit and watch TV or get ready for work.

4. Improve the Mood in Your Bedroom With New Lighting

Are you currently lighting your bedroom up with floor lamps that are entirely too bright? They can throw the whole mood off in your bedroom.

Consider having recessed lighting installed instead or look for another type of lighting that will help set the mood in your bedroom.

5. Add Small Touches That Will Make a Big Difference

There are a bunch of small touches that you can add to a bedroom during a bedroom remodel that will complete the look of it. For example, you can:

  • Stick an area rug underneath your bed and on top of your hardwood flooring
  • Hang up paintings, photos, and other artwork
  • Install crown molding around the perimeter of the room

Each of these small touches will add up in a big way. They’ll help you create the atmosphere that you’re looking for in your bedroom.

Change the Entire Look and Feel of Your Bedroom With a Bedroom Remodel

Are you unhappy with the overall appearance of your bedroom right now? Do you wish that you enjoyed spending more time on it?

A bedroom remodel is a great way to give yourself the bedroom you’ve always dreamed about. Use the stylish tips listed here to bring your dream bedroom to life.


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