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Be Ready for Summer With These Latest Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Three-quarters of all homes in the U.S. have some form of air conditioning. If the air conditioning goes out, we go from comfortable to pouring sweat.

Learning how to do proper air conditioner maintenance can keep you from dealing with sweat-drenched clothing and expensive repair costs. Continue reading this article to learn the best air conditioning maintenance tips to keep you cool through the hot summer days.

Change the AC Filter

If your filters aren’t clean, you are putting unnecessary stress on the system. You should change your filter out every month to make sure there is plenty of air flowing through it.

Your air filter stops dirt, dust, and dander from flowing into your rooms. If the filter isn’t clean, it can’t do much to help you, and your home’s air quality will be questionable.

Clean the AC Fins

Your AC fins are very fragile, so if you’re going to clean them, you need to be gentle. Most of the time, your AC will be covered with a metal cover that keeps you from being able to get to them. Check your owner’s manual to see how you need to lift the cover to keep from damaging it.

Once you have the cover off, you can use a soft bristle vacuum attachment to remove any dirt that is collecting on the fins.

While you’re cleaning the fins, make sure none of them are bent. If you do find a fin is bent, you can use a fin comb to fix it.

Check the Condensation Drain

The condensation your air conditioner makes needs to drain outdoors. If it is clogged, the condensation isn’t going to drain properly, which will cause problems like water build-up.

Keep an Air Conditioner from Sinking

If your air conditioner is sinking, there are some things you can do. Your air conditioner is likely on a concrete pad where it can be safely off the ground.

After a few years, the concrete is going to settle. If there isn’t any strain on the electric lines or coolant tubes, it’s fine to leave it alone. On the other hand, if you notice there is water building up or if the electric lines are starting to pull, you need to take care of it right away.

It’s usually pretty easy to fix the problem. Take a board to use as a lever and jack up one side of the concrete pad. While it is jacked up, you can put gravel, sand, or more concrete under it to level it off.

Clean Around the Unit

Besides being level, the unit also needs to have plenty of room around it. You don’t want to have weeds or other things around it. If it’s fall and there are leaves gathering around the air conditioner, it’s time to rake them and put them away.

Your air conditioning unit should have at least two feet around it in all directions to give it the proper airflow.

Keep the Evaporator Coil Clean

The evaporator coil is an essential part of the cooling process, and you need to keep it clean. There will be a door on your air conditioning unit where you can open it and get to the coil.

Once you see the coil, dust it off with a soft brush, and then spray the coil with no-rinse coil cleaner. Once the cleaner drips into the drain pan, you want to clean that out with soap, hot water, and a small amount of bleach.

Add an In-Line Duct Booster

Do you notice that one room is always hotter than the rest? If you have forced-air cooling and there is one room that is hotter than the rest, a booster can do the trick.

An in-line duct booster can help increase the airflow into the hot room. There are other types of fans you can use to help with this issue, but this is a quick and easy solution. If you aren’t sure what to do, you can look into getting answers from this air conditioning company.

Check to Make Sure Your AC Unit Is the Right Size

If you’re having cooling issues in your home, you might not have a big enough AC unit. Every house should have an AC unit that is sized to its specific cubic feet that it can cool. If you didn’t buy a big enough size unit, you will notice a difference, and your home will not be cooled properly.

If you aren’t sure what size of air conditioning unit you have, or that you need, you can speak to a professional to help you. They can usually look at it within a matter of minutes and know whether the unit is too small for your home.

Having an air conditioning unit that is too big for your home won’t cause any cooling problems, but you will be overpaying for the unit because it isn’t necessary.

Air Conditioner Maintenance for the Win

Now you know more about doing air conditioner maintenance and how to keep your house cool during the hottest months. Keeping an eye on your AC, replacing parts, and keeping everything clean will help you increase the lifetime of your unit.

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