Springing into Gear

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Oh, those winter days filled with frost and woolly jumpers, the chill of cold nights, or being wrapped up warm will all come to an end, and we will soon begin to see those fragile green shoots poking their heads out of the grass. The buds wake up on trees and plant stems, and animals stretch and yawn as they wake from their winter slumber ready to tackle the harvests. And this getting ready to hit the ground running goes for us too.

There is no time like the present to start collecting, taking inventory of, and purchasing stock for the spring and then summer seasons. When the ground thaws and you can eventually turn the heating down, readying your home and garden for spring is essential. While most people consider only the indoors in need of a deep ‘spring’ clean, the backyard or deck should not be missed.

Spring is one of those magical seasons where we see colors flourish across the landscape for as far as the eyes can see, the fresh smell of mornings is like what we imagine in movies, and the air is filled with an energy that drives us to get our homes and gardens ready. It may seem daunting initially, but with preparation, and a simple routine each year, you will be welcoming every season with open arms knowing everything is set and in place.

Let’s jump in and see what will make this spring season easier to navigate and get your home spring-ready.

Stocking up

When it comes to deep cleaning we immediately think of everything smelling fresh, hygienic, and in many cases citrus or pine, and there are plenty of products available on the market to make the tasks that much easier. While you won’t necessarily need the full catalog to get the job done, you can get the essential spring products and these will take you through a good few months to top up the cleaning schedule as needed.

When it comes to the basics always opt for quality over quantity, it requires less effort and gets the cleaning done right the first time around.


Consider the rooms in the home and what needs cleaning. You want a chemical that is safe to use if you have kids or pets in the house, ideally smells great, and has a foaming action for a deeper clean that gets into those hard-to-reach places. Also, look for a specific degreasing detergent for kitchen appliances that have most likely tested their limits during the colder nights. Starting fresh will make your appliances look new again.


Think about taking off all the sofa covers for a good wash, pillows, throws, and even outdoor curtains that need refreshing. Use a stronghold-smelling scent for a longer linger around the home. Fabric sprays to spritz and top up on furniture every few days for a renewed fresh aroma, and lint rollers to collect any pesky pet hairs or fluff from everyday life.


It is no secret that cleaning can take a toll on your hands and skin, so be sure to get a few pairs of gloves to interchange for various tasks, or swap if they get wet inside. This will save your hands in the long run, and besides, bleach hands aren’t very appealing when making lunch for the family or friends. Some people consider a sponge the only cleaning item you need, but we disagree. There is a top tool for every job, and they clean more efficiently and effectively. 

You want sponges, large and small, drying cloths, mopping up cloths, and paper towels for surfaces or to grab for drying hands. Fluff-resistant cloths specific for glass and windows are a must to prevent streaking or more fluff. 

And with the indoors sorted and smelling like a spring commercial you can focus on the outdoors where barbeque season is on the horizon.

Think about the flowers you want blooming and ready in time for when the family comes around for weekend visits, and purchase seeds and grass feed to boost and stimulate growth. Soil needs to be rejuvenated, plants re-potted and minerals added for optimal growth encouragement, and before you know it your backyard will be booming with a vibrant thick layer of grass for the kids and dog to roll around on in the sun, flanked by flowers in every color of the rainbow showing us just how magical nature is.

Tools are going to make garden work that much easier, and once you know what you want purchase the right tool for the job. The investment will last you a lifetime, and make working outside a breeze. Getting your home spring-ready has never been this easy and fun.