Top 5 Tips for Choosing Summer Footwear

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Summertime can be one of the most gorgeous times of the year when people are milling about on walks along the coastline and beach fronts, lounge music can be heard up and down the strip of cafés lining the sidewalk, and the overall energy is radiantly positive.

Being outside in the fresh air under a scorching sun as you soak up a daily dose of healthy vitamin D is essential to keeping your body and mind healthy and calm, but that does not go to say you should not also stay protected from too much sun exposure.

You want to wear a large-brimmed hat during peak hours of the day, but more importantly, don’t constrict or cover your feet with shoes that are heavy, uncomfortable, or worse, completely hidden from any fresh air circulation. You need your feet to breathe, it allows for optimal blood flow to regulate your body temperature, and this is why we are discussing summer footwear and how to choose the best pair.

Finding your footing

Footwear is equally important for winter as it is for summer, and when you don’t have the right shoe or sandal on your day can quickly become uncomfortable and if left for too long, painful, not something we want when trying to enjoy a fruity cocktail as we watch the sun go down.

Thankfully, with this curated list of tips and things to look out for when shopping for quality summer shoes so you always pick the most beautiful ones, you can be sure you will not only look great but your feet will thank you for it. So, let’s dive right in and see which features make a good shoe, great.

A proper fit

We cannot emphasize more the importance of a properly fitting shoe. Too often people would rather stick to their shoe size, irrespective of the brand or country the shoe is made in, than change sizes whether it be up or down. They end up wearing a shoe that is too small and then only for a short period before it is left at the back of the wardrobe, or it is too big and your foot is sliding in and out with every step. Always try shoes on in the shop, take a walk around the shop floor, and see how they feel, then if you need to size up or down you are in the right place.

Offer airflow

You need your feet to breathe, to have space, and to be relaxed. It is no secret that our feet swell in summer, so an open pair of sandals or flip-flops (we love the new Havaianas summer collection) is the perfect option. Choose shoes made from natural materials to prevent sweating or chaffing, also avoid shoes with too much padding and cushioning but rather opt for something lightweight on the foot with minimal restriction.


Whether you are opting for a summer wedge, a kitten heel, or the iconic flip-flop no brand name will overpower the quality of the product. No matter how fashion-forward the brand or how expensive they are, if they are poorly made you can be sure your feet will be paying the ultimate price. A quality pair of summer shoes allows not only for maximum breathability, but longevity, so you may pay a little more for certain products but they will last you a lifetime.


Now, we are not talking about a summer flip flop with an ankle brace attached (that would be gross), no, we are referring to shoes that combine all of the above elements into one – yes they are out there. You don’t want blisters, the last thing that looks good on a foot is a callus, and you also want something that won’t make your foot odor make the people in the room want to leave. Arch support is simple to find in a well-made shoe, materials that are organic and natural are more mouldable and comfortable, and with proper support of structure, you can prevent leg fatigue and back pain.

With that being said

Now that you have all your bases covered and are well-versed in all there is to know the next time you head out to the shops to stock up on vacation essentials, yes a proper pair falls into this category, you can be sure you are making a more well-informed decision and a quality purchase. It’s a win-win all around.

Summer does not have to be something you dread for fear of blisters or walking for hours in a pair of shoes that seem to encourage your feet to sweat. With plenty of top-quality options on the market you will find the right summer shoe or flip-flop that will make every day seem like a holiday, so grab your flops and let’s live life to the fullest. Cheers to great footwear this summer.

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