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See why the Memphis Business Journal is including Memphis food!

What might an outing to Memphis Business Journal be without some Southern-style soul food? The sides are flavorful—collard greens, macintosh, and cheddar, BBQ prepared beans—yet the chicken makes certain to be the star of your plate.

Sassy Chicken, a quick easygoing café offering conventional Southern food, is currently open in Crosstown Concourse, Suite 137, in the previous Mama Gaia’s space.

Sassy Chicken Is All About the Chicken

Following the conclusion of Mama Gaia inside the Concourse, many accepted space would go empty for quite a while. All things considered, it makes an ideal choice for another café to move into the initial left by a past eatery. Be that as it may, Saucy Chicken has plunged in and made it it is own. What’s more, for chicken darlings out there, this might be extraordinary compared to other new chicken goals in the entirety of Memphis.

Sassy Chicken demonstrates it is about chicken, yet that there is a sort of chicken for everybody. Truly, there are the tasty chicken wings, which are incredible for requesting and returning home to appreciate while viewing your preferred game, yet there are such huge numbers of other chicken alternatives accessible.

You can settle on a chicken sandwich, made with a significant number of indistinguishable flavors and flavors from with the wings however on a chicken bosom. You can likewise go without sauce in the event that you’d preferably appreciate the completely cooked bosom. Or on the other hand, you can have it served over a bed of romaine lettuce and everything on the side of a perfectly flavorful plate of mixed greens. In the event that there is a sort of chicken you appreciate, odds are Saucy Chicken makes it.

Something beyond Chicken

Yet, stop and think for a minute: You don’t should be a chicken darling to appreciate Saucy Chicken. Truth be told, there are a lot of feasting choices. The broiled shrimp are firm yet soggy, in addition to there are sandwich alternatives that don’t just rotate around newly arranged chicken bosoms. You can decide on lunch meat chicken or turkey, or you can go with one of the other sandwich choices.

There are likewise the absolute best sides served up in the Concourse. On the off chance that you’ve been desiring quiet young doggies, you’ll see them directly here. You’ll additionally discover potato plate of mixed greens so great you’ll need to eat it both as a side and on the head of your sandwich. The french fries are made with an extraordinary flavoring that gives each nibble simply enough firm tang, zest and pleasantness.

Find This New Addition to the Memphis Food Scene

For an eatery to make it in Memphis, it should be acceptable. At the point when a city is known for staggering food, it has a method of pushing out those that don’t satisfy what café goers anticipate. This café came up in September of 2018 and has become well known. On the off chance that you haven’t had Saucy Chicken previously, you deserve to give it a shot. So whether you’re a chicken fan or only hungry for an incredible tasting lunch, head on over to the concourse and find why Memphis Business Journal has been raving about Saucy Chicken.

Comfortable Corner BBQ

In case you’re feeling like some different option from the chicken wing heavenliness highlighted in the “Memphis Business Journal,” head on over to Cozy Corner BBQ. Here you’ll locate an extraordinary aiding of smoked meats going from summer hotdog to pork butts and even Cornish game hens. What’s more, on the off chance that you need to take a stab at something that is somewhat extraordinary, for example, the grill spaghetti. There’s a motivation behind why Food Network recorded it as one of the “must-visit” goals in the city.


Without a doubt, you have your New York-, your Chicago-and even your Detroit-style pizza, however, why eat an alternate provincial dish when you can have a cut that is genuinely Memphis? Garibaldi’s is actually that. It’s a well-known goal for understudies after a U of M game. It’s additionally a fan most loved by guests and local people the same. There’s a motivation behind why this joint opened up during the 1980s is as yet going solid. Actually, it’s one of the most seasoned running cafés in the city. With so a lot other pizza rivalries, there’s an explanation (Hint: The pizza is acceptable).


Talking about old cafés, this is another joint that has been highlighted in pretty much every territorial magazine and paper throughout the years (counting the “Memphis Business Journal”). It’s likewise one of Food Network’s top eateries in the city. This burger joint has been flipping burgers since 1912, and the formula is pretty much similar today as it was the point at which it started.

In any case, what makes the burgers so great? Indeed, the mystery may simply sit in the cast iron fat tank (don’t stress; it’s stressed day by day). It’s the first solid metal tank, and on the off chance that you have worked with solid metal. You as of now comprehend the delightfulness that originates from it. You additionally realize it’s been retaining the kinds of each past burger that have been made. So when you head out to Dyer’s, not exclusively are you getting a charge out of another burger. Yet you’re appreciating the kinds of history too.

Celtic Crossing

Some of the time, there’s simply in no way like a tasty 16 ounces of Guinness and Irish food. Celtic Crossing conveys with this accurate contribution. Obviously, the principle distinction here is there’s a smidgen of the South blended in with the Irish style of food. Along these lines, regardless of whether you need bangers and pound or some Galway Bay mussels. Stop on by to this enthusiastically suggested spot.

Las Delicias

Tex-Mex gets unfavorable criticism, in any event on the off chance that you ask any individual who’s had real Mexican food (sorry Taco Bell). Las Delicias presents a Mexican-style café with a Memphis Business Journal curve. It’s additionally perhaps the best spot to go around when you’re feeling like some strong thick guac or a margarita. On the off chance that you need overwhelming cheddar and sharp cream mixtures. Head elsewhere, yet on the off chance that you need new, and, as the name recommends. Flavorful food, Las Delicias is a top café in the city.


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