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Unraveling Lindsay Clancy Update Mental Health and Family Tragedy

Lindsay Clancy Update, the Massachusetts woman suspected of using exercise bands to strangle her three small children before jumping out of the family’s Duxbury home, will continue to be detained at a state hospital.

Both parties agreed that Lindsay Clancy will spend the upcoming six months at. Tewksbury State Hospital receiving additional mental health treatment despite waiving her right to attend the hearing on Wednesday.

In connection with the deaths of her children. 5-year-old Cora, 3-year-old Dawson, and 7-month-old Callan, Lindsay Clancy Update is charged with two counts of murder. Three counts of strangling or suffocation, and three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The defence has maintained from the beginning that Lindsay Clancy had mental health problems. According to lawyer Kevin Reddington. His client experienced postpartum depression and was taking too many medications at the time of the deaths of her children.

When Lindsay Clancy Update Next Case Status Hearing is Scheduled

On July 25, when her next case status hearing is scheduled, she will continue to be held without bond.

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague described Lindsay Clancy’s day preceding the evening of January 24. When she is charged with killing her children, during her arraignment in February.

Below is a video outlining the prosecution’s case against Lindsay Clancy Update for murder.

According to Sprague, Lindsay Clancy took her daughter to the paediatrician, played in the snow with her son and daughter, inquired at CVS about paediatric stool-softeners and asked her husband Patrick Clancy if he wanted takeaway for dinner. People in the pharmacy, CVS, and restaurant, according to Sprague, said

Lindsay Clancy’s speech was clear, she didn’t look or sound upset, and it wasn’t slurred.

Patrick Clancy went home to a silent house and discovered his wife bleeding outside after picking up the takeaway and heading to CVS for the prescription. At around 6:10 p.m., Patrick Clancy dialled 911.

“He dialled 911,” He questioned the defendant, “What did you do?” during this period. She told him, “I tried to kill myself and jumped out of the window,” in response. Patrick may be heard asking the defendant, “Where are the kids?” during the 911 call. Then informed the authorities that she replied, ‘in the basement,'” Sprague said, citing the 911 call’s audio recording.

He found Cora, Dawson, and Callan in the cellar

“He can then be heard crying in pain and disbelief as he finds his children (on the 911 call). As time went on, his screams appeared to grow louder and more agonised, according to Sprague.

According to Sprague, all three of the victims had exercise bands around their necks when they passed away from “ligature strangulation,” a technique that necessitates intense pressure being applied to the neck and takes several minutes for victims to lose consciousness and pass away.


For several minutes, the bands were pinching their tiny necks, according to Sprague. She had the option to alter her mind at any point and have the neckbands removed.

On January 24, Cora and Dawson were declared deceased at the hospital. With severe injuries, Callan was airlifted to Boston Children’s Hospital where he was on life support before passing away on January 27.

According to Sprague, Lindsay Clancy understood right from wrong, planned her actions well, and scheduled the errands she sent her husband on that evening to give her enough time to kill her children.

For several minutes, the bands were pinching their tiny necks, according to Sprague. She had the option to alter her mind at any point and have the neckbands removed.

Reddington stated that he intends to contend that the woman is not criminally responsible Lindsay Clancy Update.

“I wonder if she would ever show up for a trial. She has suicidal thoughts. She is quite sensitive. Reddington stated in February that she is unable and has never been able to cry or show joy or sadness.

Lindsay Clancy allegedly informed her husband that she overheard a man asking her to kill her children, according to Reddington.

Her emotional state is so poor that she has a serious suicidal phobia. She needs someone to observe her in the room all the time, but they don’t interact with her. They’re not, like, chit-chatting. Because they were afraid she would kill herself, they just watched, Reddington said.

Following a Section 18 hearing, Lindsay Clancy will stay in Tewksbury Hospital for six months.

For the next six months, a Massachusetts lady who is accused of killing her three children and then attempting to commit suicide will be treated at Tewksbury Hospital.

Lindsay Clancy of Duxbury, through counsel, waived her right to a Section 18 hearing on Wednesday in Lowell District Court, according to the Department of Mental Health.

The Boston Globe reported earlier this month that Tewksbury Hospital, which is managed by the DMH, has accepted Clancy. Her extended mental health care is apparently in demand, according to the motion.

According to the DMH, Clancy will remain in the hospital until November 10 under a Section 18 hold.

Clancy pled not guilty to first-degree murder charges from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in February. According to Clancy’s defence attorney, an excessive dosage of prescribed mental medications caused him to develop homicidal and suicidal thoughts.

Clancy is accused of seeing how long her husband would be away from the house before allegedly tying an exercise rope around the necks of each of her three children for several minutes, cutting herself, and jumping out of a window.

Jennifer Sprague, an assistant district attorney in Plymouth, stated that the mother of each child was there when they were strangled. “She planned these murders, gave herself the time and privacy needed to commit the murders, and then she strangled each child in the place where they should have felt the safest, at home with their mum,” she added.

Lindsay Clancy, Who is Accused of Strangling Her Three Children, Moved to a New Hospital to Receive Mental Health Care.

According to a source, the Massachusetts mother accused of trying to murder herself and strangle her three small children during a depressive episode earlier this year has been sent to a new facility for more intensive mental health care.

According to WCVB Boston, 32-year-old Lindsay Clancy has been sent to Tewksbury State Hospital where she will receive more evaluation and therapy for her mental health.

At her Duxbury home on January 24, the mother of three and former nurse is accused of strangling her three children, ages 5 (Cora), 3 (Dawson), and 8 months (Callan) with an exercise band.

Then, according to her attorney Kevin Reddington, she sprang out of a window on the second level of the house and broke her back, rendering her paralysed.

Eight offences, including two for murder and three for strangling, have been brought against TClancy in connection with the deaths of her children, according to records.

Clancy, according to Reddington, had postpartum depression and had been given excessive medicine at the time of the tragedy, which basically turned her into a “zombie.”

According to the lawyer, she admitted to her husband that she had been hearing voices telling her to kill the children, and it has been hypothesised that she was experiencing postpartum psychosis at the time.

The lawyer has also claimed that his client had been considering suicide ever since her children died.

Clancy’s case hearing number two has been postponed until July 25.

Reddington has reportedly stated, “I doubt whether she would ever make it to a trial,” according to WCVB.

She is quite sensitive.

“However, she’s unable and has never been able to express any happiness or sadness or to cry.”


According to testimony given to the court by Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Sprague, Clancy did not exhibit any indicators of sluggishness, slurred speech, or unusual behaviour in the hours preceding the alleged killings, according to WCVB.

Patrick Clancy, her husband, had gone to get a takeaway order, but when he came back, he discovered Lindsay bleeding outside the house.

Days Before the Children Were Killed, Lindsay Clancy’s Husband Had Concerns About His Wife’s Mental Health: Doctors

Currently, the matter is being heard in Plymouth District Court. Clancy was arraigned there while being viewed in a neck brace and face mask on Zoom from her hospital bed. After a grand jury indictment, felonies in Massachusetts are brought before superior court.

According to court documents acquired by Fox News Digital. Clancy and her husband, Patrick, went to dinner with their friends on Jan. 22 – two days before the event – and Lindsay “seemed fairly normal. Mostly quiet while on her phone and keeping to herself,” their friend told investigators.


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