How to Style the Air Jordan 1 Low Shoes

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Released nationally in 1985, Nike sold $130 million worth of Air Jordan 1 sneakers in the first year of sales. The popular shoe is still in high demand among athletes, casual wearers, and collectors.

If you’ve decided to add the Air Jordan 1 Low shoe to your sneaker collection, you’ve made a great choice. These shoes are extremely stylish and can be worn in a variety of different ways.

Here’s how you should style your Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers.

Buy the Right Shoe Size for Your Needs

One of the main things you should do to get your Air Jordan 1 Low style right is to buy the perfect size. Getting the right size and fit is a great first step to ensuring that the shoes look great on you.

Be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide when ordering Air Jordan 1 shoes online or make sure to try them on in person before purchasing them.

Keep in mind that Jordan 1 Low sneakers tend to run a little bit larger than average. You may want to get a size that’s about a half size down from your normal shoe size for the best bit.

On the other hand, Air Jordan 1s are also a bit narrow. You might want to order a size up if your feet are a bit wider.

Carefully Consider the Shoe Colors

You should also consider the color of the Air Jordan 1s as well. You can choose from either OG or new colorways when buying Air Jordan 1s these days.

While there are a few colors that are seen as classic choices for Air Jordan 1s, don’t be afraid to choose more modern colorways instead.

The Air Jordan 1 Low OG Neutral Gray sneaker is a popular option to consider that is both stylish and classic. However, if you want something a little bit bolder then the Air Jordan 1 Low Starfish sneaker boasts a vibrant orange color that will really make your shoes pop.

There are many more color options for this product as well. Be sure to browse the various sneaker options to find a pair that’s perfect for your personal style.

Show Your Style With the Laces

When it comes to Air Jordan 1s, there’s no wrong way to wear the laces. You can keep the laces tight if you want to be sure that the shoes are secure and snug, but you can also keep your laces a bit more relaxed as well.

By keeping the two topmost eyelets unlaced, the tongue on the Jordan sneakers will be a little bit more flexible. This also offers a great place for your pants to rest.

A final option for the Jordan 1 Lows is to use popular patterns with your laces such as ladder lace or bar lace styles.

Make Sure Your Outfit Works Well With Your Shoes

To wear your Air Jordan 1 Low shoe stylishly, you should carefully consider what your outfit will be. Follow the latest fashion trends and be sure that your outfit works well with your shoes and that everything looks good together.

Fortunately, Jordan 1s go well with a variety of different types of clothing. You can wear the Jordan 1 shoe with jeans, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, hoodies, and much more.

When choosing the clothing that you’ll wear with your Jordan 1 Low shoe, however, make sure that you put some thought into matching. Be sure that the colors you choose for your shoes mesh well with your outfit.

On the other hand, don’t overdo it. Be sure that the color matching in your outfit is subtle if you want to look your very best.

Decide Whether to Wear Socks or Not

A big question to consider when wearing the Air Jordan 1 Low shoe is whether you want to wear socks or not.

Like many things that relate to your personal style, this is up to your personal preference. You can skip the socks if you want, but you can also choose to wear socks with your Jordan 1s if you like.

There are a few things you should remember if you decide to wear socks with your shoes. The main thing to avoid is wearing socks that have a logo on them or wearing socks that distract from the appearance of your shoes.

Subtler socks are ideal with Air Jordan 1s, so consider sporting a low-cut or no-show pair of socks to ensure that your shoes stand out well enough.

Clean Your Air Jordan 1s From Time to Time

To ensure that your Jordan 1 Lows look great, you should have a cleaning and maintenance plan for them. While the shoes will continue to look great even if you don’t clean them too much, you should go over them every once in a while.

Primarily, you’ll want to clean your shoes using a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Go over the shoes and get rid of any dirt and debris that has accumulated when wearing them.

You can use a shoe cleaner, if necessary. However, be careful if you do. Using too much water or going overboard with chemicals could cause damage to the shoes.

Showing Your Style With the Air Jordan 1 Low Sneaker

As you can see, there are plenty of stylish ways to wear the Air Jordan 1 Low sneaker.

Make sure that you choose the perfect sneakers from the beginning by verifying that they’re the right size and color for your needs. You should also be sure to consider your outfit as a whole to ensure that your clothes and Air Jordan 1s complement each other well.

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