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6 easy steps help you start a small coffee shop business

Do you want to start your own coffee shop? coffee retail business is one of the most popular and profitable businesses for new starters. As you navigate through the steps to start your small coffee shop business, it’s crucial to establish a strong legal foundation. While services like LegalZoom can assist, it’s smart to understand others’ experiences beforehand. To gain an in-depth understanding of this online legal service, read through these legalzoom reviews to see if it fits your specific needs. Better safe than sorry when it comes to your dream business legalities! Here are 6 easy steps to help you build your own coffee business.

1: Business Plan

Determining the orientation of a cafe is the first step to a successful opening.

The operation orientation of the coffee shop determines the design and decoration of capital, personnel, menu, location, and even store. The operation direction must be determined before other details are planned. On the contrary, many shop owners often decide the design and decoration and location first, and then consider what kind of coffee shop they want to open.

2: Financial Planning

To open a shop, you need to be good at calculating.

The software and hardware required for a coffee shop are as follows:

1. Menu (including coffee, pastry, and simple meal);

2. Wealth generating equipment (coffee machine, oven, microwave oven, gas stove, ice machine, refrigerator, freezer, etc.);

3. Hardware equipment (air conditioning, lighting equipment, etc.);

4. Utensils;

5. Design and decoration (bar design, coffee shop style and color, table and chair furniture, etc.).

Among these five elements, the menu is the most basic one, which will decide which production equipment and hardware equipment to purchase, and also affect the design of the bar. If you only want to open a coffee shop with “coffee + pastry” at the beginning, the design of the bar is relatively simple; but if you find that you can’t maintain the operation just like this after opening when you want to add more smoothie products, you may find that there is no room for the bar to put the smoothie machine; if you want to add more simple meals, and you don’t plan the kitchen at the beginning, the problem is even greater, and you even need to redesign the installation Huang, that’s another big expense. Therefore, at the beginning of the business, it is necessary to figure out the sales project and business finances of your coffee shop. There are capital options you can have in starting your business such as business loans, angel investor, personal savings and business credit card Singapore.

3: Be professional on quality

The technology is not up to standard, no need to talk about anything.

Since the coffee shop is opened, the quality of coffee beans and the technology of making coffee are the key to determine the customer return rate. Chinese people like new and dislike the old restaurant decoration very fast. The decoration of a shop may be out of date in three years. If we just want to win with decoration atmosphere, maybe at first the media effect will bring people, but later, what can a hard to drink coffee shop rely on?

It is suggested that since you are willing to open a coffee shop, it is better for the entrepreneur to take charge of the bar at the beginning of opening the shop. For the outdoor part, 2-3 full-time or part-time employees are invited to study, which is enough to cope with the daily operation of the coffee shop. In this way, you can not only save the personnel costs, but also make coffee by hand, and avoid the situation that the staff at the ten thousand one bar leave their jobs, and the quality of coffee is different due to the lack of manpower.

 4: Shop Location

There is no need to cling to prime locations.

Many people believe that the key to success in opening a store is located. As long as you open a store in a prime location, you will be sure to win. In fact, this sentence is only half right.

It is suggested that entrepreneurs should spend at least one week to observe the local characteristics and consumption patterns when choosing a place. Based on the location of the planned opening shop, the number of competitors around the 500-meter scale (including chain stores or single cafes, fast food shops, bubble black tea shops) is surveyed, and the number of daily competitors who enter the shop and the estimated turnover is recorded. At the same time, if they are involved in the battle, they will be able to decide how much bread they can eat or how big they can grow.

5: cost control

How much is a cup of coffee? Opening a shop, of course, can’t lose money. But many people only know how much a cup of coffee costs, but they don’t know how much a cup of coffee costs.

It usually takes 15-20 grams of coffee beans to make a cup of coffee, and 25-30 cups of coffee can be made for a pound of coffee, while the cost of creamer (or milk) and sugar for a cup of coffee is about 1 yuan, in addition, it also includes paper cups, dough paper, Stir Sticks and other materials. In this way, the raw material cost of a cup of coffee is about 2-4 yuan. In addition, don’t forget to add the cost of rent, water and electricity, personnel, equipment depreciation, and other costs, plus a certain proportion of profit is the price of a cup of coffee.


A lot of shopkeepers don’t know how to price, see how much a competitor orders, they also plan gourd according to the same pattern. But this kind of laziness is very dangerous. In the future, I find that I can’t make ends meet and I dare not increase the price. So I have to use cheaper coffee beans instead. This is the beginning of the vicious circle. This is the beginning of the store closing!

 6: customer development

Build public praise in the long run. Opening a cafe is like chasing a girlfriend. It takes time to brew. Opening a coffee shop is a long-term business with thin water flow. Usually, the first three months are in the stage of money burning. Many people hope to make a name in one shot through various marketing advertising activities before opening the shop. These are not wise decisions, because on an opening day, they may be not familiar with the performance of the coffee machine and the customer service process, and they will slow down and make customers complain too much.

Start a mall kiosk or retail business is easy, but running a successful retail shop will cost much more effort. Only focus and product quality and professional service can let you always standing in a positive way.



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