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Home Decor: How to Pull Off Your Favourite Color For Your Home



Colours have an intense influence on our emotions and everyday behaviour. Our homes should be a reflection of our personality and taste, thus, it’s great to be confident to incorporate your favourite colour in your interiors. If you don’t know how to pull off your favourite colour for your home, then here’s a guide to understanding some of the common favourite colours of homeowners, what it says about their personality, and how the colours can be reflected in an interior. 


How to Figure Out Your Favourite Colour 


Here’s how you can pick your favourite colour easily by doing a bit of research: 


  • Take a look at your closet first. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really wear your favourite colour every day because the clothing colour you purchase over and over tells about your preference. 


  • Search your home for clues. It’s time to be a detective! Your favourite colour usually appears in your home as decor, even though it’s not part of your colour scheme. Your well-loved colour at home appears as an impulse buy. 


  • Scroll through your photos. Look at your phone’s gallery and see the pictures you’ve taken when you’re outside exploring. Are you leaning more on photos of sunflowers and sunset? Most likely, your favourite colour will be warm. On the other hand, if you love to shoot landscape beauties like blue skies, buildings, and water, then your favourite colour is probably a cool colour. 


After you have identified your favourite colour, you can easily understand these decorating tips that we’ll be discussing below. However, if you feel the need to ask professional help from a home builder or interior designer, then it might be best to do it in achieving the right colour for your home. 




Yellow is highly known to be a happy colour. It lifts everyone’s mood since it appeals to positive and social people. A happy and vibrant personality is usually described as “sunny,” which encapsulates the yellow-lover perfectly.  

Photo by Interior Design Ideas 

The most unique and satisfying yellows are the purest. But you need to be aware when it comes to yellow with green undertones since they can be harsh and difficult to match. Stunning neutral gold colour can also be as cheerful as a bright yellow but can be more bearable in living and family rooms. The purest yellows can brighten up a kitchen or eat-in corner. 




The colour orange appeals more to people with a penchant for luxury and grandeur. These are the people who live their life king size and love social gatherings. Orange conveys youthfulness and vitality. You may also use a brighter orange to create a focal point in your home. You may use it for dining rooms since it stimulates the appetite. 



Photo by Impressive Interior Design 

Red is an extreme colour and reflects a passionate personality. If you love red, you’re probably outgoing and driven. Red in home decor should be muted to avoid conveying a negative message. You may pick a shade of red such as brick or terracotta which is classic and sophisticated and not too extreme. However, if you really love a bright shade of red, then you can use it as an accent instead. 




Blue is such a relaxing colour and is the most frequent favourite colour among men. The colour appeals to people who consider themselves humble and friendly. The most peaceful blues are effective for those seeking comfort and relaxation. 


Blue can extend from an easy denim tone to a bright robin’s egg or even a smoky grey-blue. But any types of blues are calming and easy to live with. However, if you love blue with a touch of green, then you may maintain other colours on the warm side and avoid grey in the space. Blue, however, is nice for a bedroom if you want to rest particularly pleasant for a guest room. 



Photo by Interior Design Ideas 

Nearly all shades of green are not as favoured as blue or neutral colours, because green has the tendency to become harsh instantly with certain undertones. But the most popular green is a deep emerald green that urges images of a vibrant forest while lush green is a favourite of people who treasure nature, tradition, and abundance. 


When it comes to homes, the most popular green that’s utilized is the sage green. It’s a soft green that is muted with grey. Sage green is a calming backdrop for living and family room since it will not overwhelm the space with colour. Brighter greens, especially those with yellow undertones are amazing accents in a kitchen or beside the eating area. 




This type of colour can be anything from grey to brown, in all shades. If you opt for darker neutral, the more traditional and formal your style will turn out. People who want simplicity and balance should lean more towards soft neutrals. 


It’s important to identify the idea of undertones, and how to perceive them. A room that loaded with neutral colours such as taupe with a pink undertone and beige with a green undertone will look out of balance enough to be detectable. So if you’re mixing neutrals, a various group of shades in the same colour will be more tuneful. 




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