What is mobile SEO?


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimizing the semantic content and HTML code of a website to maximize its ranking in search engines.

Nowadays, the development of new technologies is constantly increasing, even habits and practices are changing at high speed in the age of new technologies. Tablets and smartphones, boosted by increasing bandwidth, are increasingly the access points to the internet.

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What are the criteria for natural referencing on smartphones?

There are various criteria for mobile SEO on smartphones:

  • Adapting the size of the content to the display window (the basis of a mobile site).
  • The specification of a specific display window for different mobile devices.
  • Ensuring that buttons and links are large enough to be clickable by the user.
  • Adapting font sizes to the size of the screen to make it easier to read.
  • The choice of fonts adapted to mobile reading (some fonts are very difficult to read on these devices).

How can we optimize mobile referencing?

In order to optimize mobile SEO, there are some key points that should be considered regardless of the chosen configuration.

  • Use UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Provide a page width of 120 pixels, to be displayed on the majority of current phone screens.
  • Use GIF or JPEG images.
  • Keep the code to no more than 20 KB per page.
  • Do not set up automatic redirection or page refresh (meta refresh tag).

How important is SEO on smartphones?

The vast majority of Internet users with a problem will search on Google. If your site is well referenced in Google, it will send you these visitors. If you have a commercial offer designed to meet the demand, you will be able to get customers!

Natural referencing on smartphones (if it is practiced according to the instructions given by Google) is relatively sustainable: it is guarantee of regular and sustainable visitor traffic. It is imperative to create a mobile version of your site, preferably on a mobile sub-domain or sub-directory. 

The mobile site must be written in a mobile-specific language, for example, XHTML Mobile or Compact HTML.

Keys to success for your mobile referencing.

In order to succeed in natural referencing on mobile, some keys to success are essential:

  • Purpose of synthetic content.
  • Offer content that is easily accessible and optimize navigation.
  • Offer services and information adapted to mobile users.
  • Create short titles and descriptions (chapters) to facilitate display in mobile browsers.

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