Why Backlinks Are an Important Part of an SEO Campaign

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Every company wants to grow: and backlinks could be the key to making that magic happen. Not only are backlinks great for SEO: but they also translate into direct purchases. 

These are some of the reasons why backlinks matter so much: and why it’s important that you’re careful about how you use them.

What Are Backlinks 

Backlinks are any links that lead back to your website from any source that’s not your website. https://outreachseo.net/guest-posting/, or you’re linked to a webinar site where you discuss things that matter in your company’s field.  These links tell search engines that your company is worthwhile to searchers and allows your website to be listed higher in search results, which can lead to more purchases and customer interaction.

Why They Matter

Backlinks are one of the biggest factors in getting your company to the frog of search results.  Not only will they give you the chance to seem trustworthy and like an authoritative source: but they also show search engines that people are discussing your company and that it’s worth looking up.  Combined, these boost companies higher and higher in results.

Best Ways to Use Them

There are several types of backlinks that can change everything for a company.  These range from guest post bio links to backlinks from webinars and business profiles.  Generally, editorial backlinks are the best out there because they allow your company to look like a better source.  

The best way to use these is in a context that makes sense, surrounded by text that’s well thought-out and researched.  If you simply leave a ton of keywords around it, with no real conversational or authoritative tone of sentence structure, you’re going to hurt your company in the long run. 

How They Can Go Wrong

If you don’t use backlinks intelligently, you can hurt your company.  The best way to use them is in full, well-structured sentences that make sense.  Simply listing a ton of keywords or linking your site with every other word isn’t going to help.  Link building is like finding a delicate balance between what people want to see and what will make your site most trustworthy looking to search engines.  Use them responsibly.  If this is your first time working with link building, it could be a good idea to work with an SEO agency.  

What to Pair Them With

If you’re working with backlinks, you can pair them with dozens of other types of advertising.  It’s most important to have another form of advertising that goes well with them.  Sponsored links are a great way to go since it allows a link back to your company, a kickback for the person advertising you, and a chance to have your company mentioned and searchable.  

Every Company Can Benefit from Better SEO

Whether your company is new to the world of SEO or you’re a seasoned professional: it’s important to use backlinks.  These are one of the most valuable tools out there and can change everything for your company.