How to Take Care of Your Sneakers: Tips and Tricks?

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Today, sneakers have become a big business. They come with different purposes. It’s more than being part of the shoe. Some of them are worn for health. Some for high fashion. And other sneakers are just for comfort.

Many of your sneakers can appear a bit banged up, there are times you need to keep them clean. A nice pair of athletic shoes can be a good investment. You want them to last longer. This article offers you effective tips for taking care of your sneakers.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Sneakers Sparkling 

There are several ways to keep your sneakers clean and fresh. Here are four of them.

  • Laces

Soaking the laces keeps them fresh and bright! Water and laundry detergent(or a sneaker cleaner) can be mixed in a sink or bowl. Then swirl your laces around for better saturation. Keep them there for a while then remove and use a toothbrush to scratch off tough stains or spots. You can rinse the laces and hang them to dry. Please don’t use bleach on your laces, even if they are white. Bleach will damage the fibers.

  • Storage 

Perhaps, a smart way to maintain good-looking and healthy sneakers is to store them well when you are not wearing them. Throwing them in a pile, where they are more likely to become dirty and distorted under the weight and filth of other shoes will radically abbreviate the life expectancy of your sneakers.

Therefore, a good approach is to store them in the boxes they came with. You may also use other appropriate clear boxes. Get a shoe bench or rack. They help you prevent damage to your sneakers when you don’t wear them.

Creasing is another common sneaker affliction. Utilizing shoe trees can reverse the regular wrinkling that happens while rocking your number one kicks. They also keep them looking fresh.

  • Clean by hand 

Always clean your sneakers by hand. Use a damp cloth, sneaker cleaner, and a shoe brush or toothbrush. Wipe off surface dirt with the cloth. Then utilize the brush to eliminate tough stains or spots. Also, you can pick brushes with bristles suitable for the outer layer of your shoe to clean without causing harm. Don’t put your sneakers in the dryer or washing machine. It will add a lot of mileage to them.

  • Managing odor

Heat and sweat can transform your lovely sneakers into an odor-manufacturing factory. Battle the odor by wearing socks with a moisturizing wick. Also, always allow your shoes completely dry before wearing them.

Adding an odor eliminator like white vinegar is a decent initial step. Additionally, an organic deodorizing spray with natural ointments like tea tree and peppermint will freshen up your insoles without leaving chemical buildup.


Taking care of your sneakers makes it last. Enjoy rocking them while you apply the tips discussed above. Store them in a comfortable space or boxes. And don’t forget to always clean them by hand – never use washing machines on them. Assuming you choose to get your Light Blue Dunks, make use of any of these tips to keep it clean and in good condition.