3 Exercises for Nerve Pain


If you suffer from chronic nerve pain, you’re not alone. Also called neuropathic pain, this type of pain can emerge for a variety of reasons and is common in those who have diabetes, central nervous system disorders, HIV or AIDS, or who have suffered from shingles. It can also occur during treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy. There is a long list of reasons you may be experiencing nerve pain, but the important thing is that you treat it properly. 

With the help of a professional, you can get your neuropathic pain under control. Your doctor may prescribe you physical therapy in Pittston, Pa. or a town near you, and your physical therapist will work with you to develop exercises and posture tips to help you get back to your best self and fight off nerve pain. Here are three common exercises your PT may recommend to decrease nerve pain and improve your quality of life.


Swimming is more than just a fun summertime activity. It is also a great exercise for those who suffer from nerve pain. The low-impact nature of swimming makes it perfect for those who are worried about the pain in the feet and legs from pounding the pavement during a walk or jog. Swimming also works out many muscle groups at once – from your arms to your legs, to your core, your entire body is engaged. For those with nerve damage, the temperature of the water is extremely important, as cooler temperatures can exacerbate the pain.

Simple Yoga Stretches

Your physical therapist will help you determine which yoga positions are best for your particular issues, but most individuals with nerve damage can benefit from some simple stretches. For example, those who suffer from sciatica can benefit from positions such as Child’s Pose, Bridge Pose, and Legs-up-the-Wall. If you’re concerned with pushing the limits too hard, simply sit in a comfortable position and practice some simple neck stretches, moving your head back and forth, side to side, very slowly, or stand tall and reach up to the sky for a big stretch, before doing a slow bend down to touch your toes.


The biggest enemy of nerve pain is sitting in the same position for too long. By staying in a state of rest too long, your nerves and muscles can become more damaged. Taking a few walks each week, even for just a half-hour, can improve your neuropathic pain. If you’re

working a desk job, be sure to take a short walk around the office and get up and stretch for a few minutes each hour. When you do have to sit and work, avoid crossing your legs and work on better posture.

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