Things to Check When Buying Tools for Electrical Trade


It’s probably fair to say that no electrician can work without proper tools. You need to have basic and advanced tools in your kit to complete every task. The right tools will improve your efficiency and ensure that the task is carried out safely. 

To get the tool that fits your needs and budget, you will need to do adequate market research. With a myriad of choices, it gets overwhelming as a buyer. But if you look at your options with an informed eye, you can make the right purchase. 

The list of must-have tools is more or less the same for every electrician, comprising hand and power tools. The more versatile your test kit, the more efficient you will be at tackling various tasks. Check out more here. Let’s discuss the things you should check before buying tools.

Things to Check When Buying Tools For Electrical Trade


This is an essential electrical tool used to hold or bend objects, cut, compress or twist wires. Side-cutting pliers and long nose pliers are the most common types. Pliers with an insulted grip are best to hold and safe to use. The jaw should be strong enough to handle pressure and minimize slipping. 


A screwdriver is a necessary tool used for fastening and loosening various hardware tools. Though a medium size is ideal for most jobs, a smart L-ion screwdriver will help you work with smaller screws. Make sure it’s lightweight and strong, and replacement bits are readily available. 

Voltage Tester

Voltage Tester is an essential safety tool. It is used to check the electrical current between circuits. Digital testers are improved testers that work on batteries. The tester should be accurate and convenient to use. Check its voltage limit before buying. 

Electric Drill 

Electrical projects require a lot of drilling work. A good drill makes your job easy. When you buy a drill, check its range of speeds and voltage. The grip should allow for its easy handling.

Tape Measure

You can use this for measuring the height of the switch, for fixing lights, and for outlet placement. A tape measure can be digital or analog. But, when you buy one, make sure it’s of good quality and does not break easily.  

Wire Crimping Tools

A poor connection is the result of a poor wire connection. A wire crimping tool is used to repair faulty wires. Make sure the crimper you choose can tolerate 90 degrees of bend. You can use the pull test to check if it can handle the bend in all directions. Read more here. 

Fish Tapes

The fish tape is used for drawing wires through walls, and conduits during a new connection. It is available in different lengths, so choose the length wisely. Fiberglass and nylon fish tape are non-conductive options. Fiberglass tape is flexible, while nylon is more economical. 

You can find many suppliers online and even near your place to get your electrical trade supplies. Choose a brand that sells tools in compliance with safety standards. The seller should offer good customer support and warranties. 

While making an online purchase, read the description of the product carefully. Also, check the customer reviews and sellers’ feedback to get an idea about the quality of the tools. 

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