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The Different Types of Outdoor Patio Tiles: This is Everything to Know

When it comes to outdoor design, few things can really spruce up your home’s value and livability than a solid patio. Not only is a good patio a great place to curl up with a book on warm summer evenings, but it’s also a great place to entertain friends and host fall football game watch parties.

One of the most important design decisions that can make or break your patio is your choice of tile. Patio tiles come in all patterns and sizes, but the most crucial factor is the material type. In this article, we’ll investigate the different types of patio tile so that you know which tile is right for you.


Porcelain tile, while a popular choice indoor, isn’t as popular of a choice for an outdoor patio tile. However, the truth is that porcelain can make a great choice for patio tiling if you’re trying to go for a glossy surface.

However, a word of caution: porcelain gets very slippery when wet. So if your patio doesn’t have any roofing over it, then you may want to skip the porcelain option.


Ceramic is another extremely versatile material for patio tiling. Its nature allows it to be colored exotically, making it a good choice if you like your flooring to be colorful.

Keep in mind though, that ceramic tile isn’t nearly as sturdy as some of the other options on this list. Its brittle properties make it susceptible to cracking and breaking in the long-term. If you plan to have a lot of action happening on your patio with sports, activities, and moving furniture around, then you might need to consider a more hardy option.


Travertine is a natural stone that’s incredibly popular in tiling applications even though very few people know of the material outside of that specific context. The stone is a cousin to limestone and has a naturally pitted surface that is extremely attractive.

The pits, however, can collect dirt, so you’ll need to get travertine that’s polished smooth if you wish to avoid that. Read more about travertine patterns.


One patio tile option that you may not have heard of is wood. Yes, wood tiles exist. Not only so, but they can provide a unique design aesthetic that your guests will almost certainly have never seen before.

They also do get slick in the rain, but their unique patterning and coloration may be worth it to you regardless.


Slate is a very popular tile option. The light grey color of slate goes with pretty much any design theme that you’re going for. Slate is also extremely durable on either end of extreme temperatures.

Which of These Patio Tiles is Right for You?

There you have it — now that you know what the different options are, all that remains is for you to take your pick of these patio tiles. Let us know which one you choose in the comments below!

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