Best Places In Cyprus To Start A Business


Cyprus is known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. It is quickly turning into a choice destination for people who look forward to emigrating. If you also wish to start a business, this is a favorite destination.

The country is blessed with phenomenal rich history, exotic cuisine, amazing architecture, and a great coastal atmosphere. If you plan to start a business in Cyprus, this article shows you some of the best places to target. Read on.

Top 3 Locations in Cyprus to Start Your Business

As the Jewel of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is also a great nation for commerce. Below are a few of the best places to start a business in Cyprus.


This district is the business capital of the country. And it’s one of the best places to live as a foreigner. Whenever you are considering investing in a business or starting a business in Cyprus, Limassol is the right place. Even if you have a good-paying job, this is the city you want to be in.

Limassol is packed with discovery, adventure, and action.

Also, this city is often referred to as the capital of entertainment in Cyprus. You can never get bored here. And that’s why your business will always meet a need.

Another reason why this city is good for business is the availability of health and education infrastructures. It has a superior healthcare system as well as several schooling options for individuals and families.

In Limassol, the cost of living is affordable. When compared to other European cities, the standard of living in Limassol is relatively low.


For 7 years in a row, Paphos had been ranked the perfect city to live in Cyprus. This means it’s also great for starting a business. The city won the City of Culture in Europe title in 2007.

As a modern city, about 30 Million Euros was invested in the refurbishment of Paphos. It furnished with amazing contemporary infrastructure and timeless architecture

Here, the prices of real estate are appealing. They are also affordable. Compared to London, with the price of a flat, you buy a 5-room mansion with a pool close to the ocean in Paphos. Also, the cost of rentals is lower.

In Paphos, the crime rate is low. This is also a good factor for starting a thriving business.


This is the capital of Cyprus. The city is known for its many attractions. The tourist locations here attract lots of visitors. Nicosia is very lively. And most businesses here thrive, you can’t go wrong establishing a business that is high in demand. In this city are village and city life. It has a fusion of history and culture.

Also, as Nicosia is the easiest city to relocate to in the nation, a smooth transition is what you get. Especially if you are a citizen of the EU. This is because you’re eligible to work, live, do business, and study here with no hassle. However, the transition for a non-EU citizen is a bit tougher. It isn’t as frustrating as how it is in other major European countries.


is a great idea. The nation attracts tourists near and far. Consider any of these districts before executing your business ideas in Cyprus. Finally, you can reach out to Soho Cyprus to learn more about the business districts.