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All You Need to Know About Cleaning Tiles And Grout

You have six roommates and all of them clean themselves up pretty well but there is one whose feet smell a lot so you tell him that his feet smell a lot and he cleans himself up but a week later it’s all the same. So you and your other four roommates decide to sit him down for intervention and convince him his feet smell to the point of suffocation. So he cleans his act up but two weeks later it’s back to square one. All You Need to Know About Cleaning Tiles And Grout so here you can read more about it.

Eventually, you grow tired of constant complaining and just live with it until someone new walks in one day and chokes on the smell, and begins the charade all over again. Grout is that friend, and its maintenance has bugged many homeowners for decades everywhere in the world.

What Is Grout?

Grout is a substance often found filled between your tiles. It is pasty and is porous and absorbent and extremely hard to clean. If this is not cleaned regularly, then more dust and dirt particles may get stuck into it. The constant renewal of this substance makes the tile and grout cleaning job tedious.


How to Clean Your Tiles and Grout

Tiles are simple to clean, a basic wipe for most stains are good enough to sparkle it. One can use liquid detergents used for cleaning bathrooms and tiles to provide it with a sparkle. If there are tougher stains, a light rubbing ought to do the trick to bring it back as new as you first brought it grout, on the other hand, is a whole different realm on its own.

Many house owners often lament when cleaning grout usually because dirt often sticks to its porous and absorbent material and despite scrubbing often refuses to leave its surface.

There are several methods homeowners have adopted to clean grout. Some of them are:


1. Buy a darker grout:

A grout sealant darker in color will keep dirt away from the eye, it doesn’t mean it is clean of it, but it won’t appear dirty as it would on lighter color grout which is more commonly used, and thus it is good to keep up with appearance until you are ready to clean it.

2. Bleach:

House owners often go crazy with tile and grout cleaning using bleach, the idea behind is it will lead to the killing of bacteria however it also leads to discoloration of the tile and grout leaving you with paler-looking tile and grout. You can opt for diluting the bleach to minimize its negative effects.

3. Vinegar:

Vinegar has often been used by house owners as a DIY tool in tile and grout cleaning. Combined with a little baking soda and diluted in water, you should be able to clean your tiles and grout with some amount of efficiency without causing damage to your tiles.

4. Cleaning products:

look for cleaning products in your local market, there now exist several types of cleaning agents in both liquid and powdered form for you to use in tile and grout cleaning. There also exist several agents which one can use for specific stains and for different types of tiles and grout. A quick visit to your store or a quick search on the internet shall provide several options to decide on.

Of course, one can also go into hiring professional cleaners for tile and grout cleaning, and they most likely will get the job done and with good results, however, this means shelling out money for their services. If you are attempting to complete the job yourself. Then the above will provide you an idea of cleaning tiles and grout without suffering much scrubbing aimlessly without results.


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