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6 Tips for Managing Your Tanning Salon Post-Pandemic 

Many small businesses have been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic, especially those in health and beauty such as tanning salons. With restrictions now tentatively lifting, those in this industry will be desperate to get back to normal and there is expected to be a surge in demand, but it is important to recognize that it will not be business as usual straight away and you will need to adapt to the new normal.

Stick to the Rules

The most important piece of advice for tanning salon managers opening up is to familiarise yourself with the latest rules, make the necessary adjustments, and stick to the rules. The pandemic is not yet over and you need to protect the health of staff, customers, and the public and the best way to do this is to follow Government guidelines to a T. You should also have signage in place to remind people on what the rules are to reduce the chance of transmission.

Consider a Price Increase

A price increase is normally a risky strategy, but it could be smart moving ahead as businesses will be desperate to bring in money particularly when you consider that running costs will increase with PPE, cleaning time, and more single-use items. Additionally, people have not been able to use tanning salons and similar businesses for a long time so there will be pent-up demand and money that they have not spent. 

Make Communication Easy

There is a great deal of excitement over the reopening of the health and beauty sector and a great deal of pent-up demand, but it is also a daunting time and people are likely to have questions. You need to make it easy for people to find out information, ask questions and get support so that you can use your business with confidence. Social media can be an excellent platform for this so make sure that you are posting information on what the experience will be like and respond to any comments/questions swiftly.

Consider Longer Opening Times

With so much pent-up demand but being able to take on fewer customers due to social distancing and cleaning, it is a good idea to increase your opening hours. While this might mean a lot of work, it will stop you from losing out to the competition and help you to kickstart your recovery.

Arrange Sufficient Insurance

Having sufficient small business insurance in place is always important, but particularly going ahead into uncertain times. Tanning salon insurance will help to avoid losses against breakdown or costly repairs and help to provide peace of mind during what will be a busy and stressful period, which could take its toll on equipment.

Prioritize Employee Wellbeing

It is exciting the idea of getting back to business, but it will also be a stressful and worrying time ahead for many including your staff. This is why you need to prioritize employee wellbeing and encourage them to come forward if they are struggling at all.

Keep these tips in mind and hopefully, it will help you to reopen safely and with confidence and enjoy welcoming customers back to your salon.


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