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10 Magical Disney Games for Android (2021)

Disney is a household name for animation. It came into our lives in 1937 with the first-ever movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” But this mass media and entertainment conglomerate doesn’t just produce movies, it also makes games, which are free to download and play. Most of the games are based on the Disney characters you love. These Disney games are best for kids, teens, and adults. So there is something for everyone’s taste, just like in the case of Spectrum TV packages.

Wondering what your options are? Download these top 10 Disney games for a fun experience:

1: Toy Story Drop

This game is developed by big fish games and licensed by Disney Pixar. It features dazzling visuals and stars some of your favorite characters from the Tory story. You would be helping Woody, Buzz and some other characters unlock stories one scene at a time. Caution: This 3D game could be addicting.

2: Disney Magic Kingdoms

If you love Disney theme parks, this game would be a dream come true for you. It’s also the best-selling mobile simulation game. The player gets to build, customize, and grow their own Disneyland. How cool is that! You would get lost in the game for hours as you continue to unlock the amazing features of this game.

3: Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Want some Disney action? Disney Heroes: Battle Mode got you covered. You would be putting together a fantastic team of your favorite Disney warriors. It’s a mesh of characters from Disney blockbuster. You would see characters from Zootopia, Wreck-It Ralph, Monsters Inc., The Incredibles, and more!

4: Castle of Illusion

Mizrabel, an evil witch kidnaps Minne, and now it’s up to Mickey to rescue her from the world of illusion. The game is highly imaginative and not to mention widely entertaining. It’s not available for free. You can buy it at a one-time price tag.

5: Frozen Free Fall

Calling all Frozen fans! Frozen Free Fall is here to take you on an adventure in the kingdom of Arendelle. Join Elsa, Anna, and friends in solving fantasy puzzles.

6: Marvel Future Fight

It’s free, and it’s one of the most popular Marvel games available right now. It features action-RPG. during the game, you get to collect 170 marvel characters from various verses include Spider-Man, Defenders, Inhumans, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more.

They have an online PvP mode available for this game, allowing you to customize the characters. The mobile RPGs are pretty typical. So don’t expect any surprises.

7: Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze

As the name implies, this game is a cross between Pac-man and the movie, Wreck-It Ralph. Like the original Pac-man game, this game is also a retro arcade but features characters from the movie. You are supposed to collect points, eat food, hunt ghosts, and avoid getting hit.

The game has a free demo version. You can get it for $1.99, which is just a nominal price. It’s fun, and it will keep you entertained.

8: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

This is another action-packed game. Avail your chance to become the master of the galaxy. Use the characters of the game to create your strategy and engage in epic ship battles. The graphics and special effects are stunning.

9: Disney Coloring World

Do you enjoy coloring? It’s a real stress reliever! Disney coloring world is a perfect way to exercise your creativity. It’s a storybook adventure ideal for family entertainment. Even adults can play it. Every month, there is some new content to color. The game requires a monthly subscription.

10: Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

This game rules on the top charts. You will be meeting all your favorite Disney characters in this RPG game. It’s a must-play whether you are a fan of Disney or you live playing RPG games.


My favorite game from the list is Castle of Illusion. I play it daily on my commute from work to home. Thanks to my Spectrum Internet plan for mobile, I keep myself entertained on the go.



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