Reasons A Fountain Pen Is A Great Writing Choice

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens conjure up images of ink-stained fingers, smudged exercise books, and stacks of pink blotting paper for many people. You’d think that email and the ballpoint pen had put the fountain pen out of business. However, the move to fountain pens is not part of a larger trend in handwriting. Ballpoint pen sales have remained consistent.

Instead, the fountain pen is a famous example of how new technology affects the status of an object. Here are some of the benefits of fountain pens, and why they are proving popular even today.

Benefits of Using A Fountain Pen

Fountain pens are more than just a pretty writing tool, despite their appealing appearance. They also enhance handwriting and increase the sensation of writing by hand. Because of the nature of flowing ink, you won’t get the dreadful hand cramp that comes with grasping a scratchy biro tightly. Fountain pen barrels are also designed for a comfortable grip, so you can concentrate on your writing rather than worrying about hand fatigue or ink flow.


Treaties and bills are signed with fountain pens for a purpose. Fountain pens exude sophistication, flair, and class, attaining a balance of aesthetics and use.


Pen refills not only make fountain pens more affordable, but they also make them more environmentally responsible! Even better, if you use glass-bottled ink instead of throwaway plastic cartridges, you’ll be using an option that can be recycled after use.


Although there are different brands and types to accommodate a wide variety of budgets, fountain pens may be a significant purchase. Fountain pens, on the other hand, can be a very cost-effective investment in the long run due to their refillable barrels.


Fountain pens, unlike disposable pens that must be discarded as the ink runs out, can be used for many years. You must, however, take care of your fountain pen if you want it to last as long as possible.

Individualized Design

Why should the writing equipment be generic when handwriting is so personal? A fountain pen gives you the freedom and flexibility to customize it to your liking.

You may adjust the size and form of the nib tip depending on the writing style you want to use, and the interchangeable ink cartridges let you pick whatever color you want.

Fountain pen nibs gradually adapt to your preferred writing angle and pressure over time, allowing you to use a pen that is uniquely tailored to your handwriting style.

Should You Consider One?

Doctors, lawyers, and professors have long used them to give official documents an added degree of credibility. A nice fountain pen can also be considered as a proclamation of intent in the business sector.

Fountain pens show how science and technology have progressed over the years and decades. George S. Parker (1863–1937), patented a number of improvements, including a streamlined “self-filling” mechanism in 1911, a leak-proof safety cap in 1912, and a clever feature dubbed the “lucky curve” (1911). Parker pen still makes some of the best fountain pens today, and are highly rated in the industry. If you are interested in using fountain pens, Parker Pens are a good place to start.