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No Internet, No Problem: How to Stay Productive with Offline Internet

If your internet has been spotty, you are not alone. Approximately 19 million Americans have unreliable internet, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, that number is increasing. Many broadbands cannot handle the surplus of people using the web all at one given time. The changes in internet consumption have slowed down wifi speeds dramatically.

Unfortunately, this has caused a drop in productivity levels for workers across the continent and led many at-home workers to rely on offline internet tasks to keep their productivity up. So the problem is, without the internet, what can you do to ensure you are keeping a high productivity level? The last thing you want to do is fall behind and risk your job during this time. Thankfully, we created this list of all the things to do offline so you can maintain a sense of productivity while there is no internet.

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Keep Yourself Organized

While you have been busy working, you probably let some other things, such as office cleaning and organization, slip through the cracks.  The last thing you want to do after a full workday is to organize your office!

Now that the internet is down, use this as an opportunity to deep clean your desk. Use some disinfectant spray on your desk, armrests on your chair, and organize all those little papers you kept stuffing inside the “random” drawer.

An organized desk will help you to be on top of your productivity once you are back online and in action.

Have Those Important Conversations

There are still ways that you can keep in touch with your staff or co-workers without the internet, such as using a phone!

Call some people on your team to see how they are doing, what they have been up to and their experiences have been during the pandemic. Maybe they need some help with certain tasks that you can do offline.

You can also use this as an opportunity to catch up with co-workers whom you have never spoken to, maybe those who work in other departments. Call them up and say that you are thinking of them, learn about their current workload or what a day in their life looks like.

Catch Up With Clients

During many months of being busy, you may have lost touch with some clients that have slipped through the cracks.

Take this as an opportunity to give them a phone call, check up on them and see if there is anything within your business’s realms that you can offer to them.

This keeps your business in good standing, and once things pick up again, you will be on their mind.

Make To-Do Lists

Sometimes, while work is busy, you may put other tasks to the side. Eventually, these “not as important” tasks add up and start to appear overwhelming.

Make a to-do list out of all those tasks, separate them into different categories of importance, and then delegate a time that you will need to have them done by.

Make sure you are detailed about these tasks. For example, instead of saying you will get to your email list, write down specifically what you want to do about the list such as cleanout junk mail, archive important emails, reply to old ones, or add new contacts.

To-do lists are scientifically proven to make you a more productive person studies show that checking off a to-do list gives you a boost of dopamine in the brain.

Add Offline Programs and Apps

Many major companies such as Google have created apps that you can use even when you are offline. They aim to make productivity a breeze for you, even when the dark days of no internet happen.

Google Programs

Almost all Google programs such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Docs can work offline if you set them up to do so beforehand.

check out to learn how to set yours up for those times in need.

Polarr Photo Editor

This program may not be at the same level as Photoshop, but it does have its perks when you can run it offline.

For those times you need to get a photo edited in a pinch, Polarr photo editor comes in handy.

Chrome Wunderlist

For those who love to-do lists, Wunderlist is the bee’s knees! There is a unique sharing option where you can share to-do lists between multiple people. You cannot share the list when offline, but you can create them.


Ever have those moments where you wish you could have read some articles you wanted to read before the internet shut off on you? Well, now you do not have to worry about that!

Pocket is a great app that you can add to your Chrome and you can save articles to read offline at a later date. This is especially good for those who do a lot of traveling and want to read them in transit.

While you are working on your productivity lists, there is nothing like good music to get you in the working mood. The only problem is that most music players only offer online music modes.

Enjoy music player has an offline function where you can play your favorite songs even when you are offline.

Learn More About How to Stay Productive With Offline Internet

There you have it! The ultimate productivity list for times of offline internet. Next time you get booted offline, try out a few of these hacks and stay on top of your game.

You may want to prepare yourself ahead of time in the case that this happens without any notice, that way you are fully prepared when the internet turns into a dark day.

If you found this article helpful, explore the business and productivity section of our blog for more.


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