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Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Grass in 2021

If you’ve got a garden and are tired of the upkeep, you’ve probably looked into getting artificial grass installed.

It’s an attractive prospect and offers many benefits, especially for those who aren’t particularly green-thumbed or who don’t have the time to keep their garden looking flush.

A garden is a big part of your home and can make or break the overall aesthetic of it, so keeping it nice and cared for is essential – especially if you have neighbors who are big into gardening and often put you to shame with their perfectly trimmed lawns and flourishing shrubbery.

It’s not just homeowners who might be tempted by artificial grass; it’s a great option for landlords as it guarantees that you won’t have a jungle to deal with when a tenant who doesn’t much care for the great outdoors moves out.

Astroturf is also popping up more frequently in schools and playgrounds because it requires less maintenance and doesn’t take as much a battering from sports as real grass.

All this being said, installing fake grass is a big change to undertake and isn’t something that should be rushed into. Before you begin ripping up your existing grass and paving slabs, make sure you’re fully clued up by reading our essential guide to the artificial lawn.

What is fake grass?

The artificial lawn is a turf substitute that can be used almost anywhere. From residential gardens and playgrounds to exhibition stands and retail displays, fake grass can be used as a substitute for real grass in the majority of settings.

What is artificial grass made of?

Most fake grasses are made of plastic. Many people think the blades of grass are sharp and abrasive, and whilst they used to be. This isn’t the case anymore. Most lawns are soft to the touch and won’t graze skin.

Is artificial grass suitable for me?

If you have an outdoor space, artificial grass is suitable for you. Whether you currently have a paved garden, gravel, or real grass, your existing garden can be adapted and primed for a fake lawn.

What are the benefits of artificial lawns?

There are lots of reasons why fake grass is a great investment:

  • Low maintenance – no mowing or watering required
  • Longwearing – lasts 10+ years
  • Always vibrant – doesn’t fade over time
  • No weeding – backing prevents the penetration of weeds
  • No fertilizers – isn’t impacted by bugs
  • Dog-friendly – suitable for pets
  • Child-friendly – ideal for young children

What are the disadvantages of artificial grass?

There few drawbacks to an artificial lawn, but you will need to consider a few things:

  • Manufactured from plastic – not eco-friendly
  • Price – the cost of artificial grass can be higher than natural grass
  • Installation – it takes longer to install fake grass and may require professional help
  • Comfort – not as soft underfoot as natural grass
  • Replacement – will need to be replaced every 10/20 years

Fake grass vs real grass

There are very few instances in which real grass would be favorable over artificial grass. Fake turf used to be unsustainable, hard, and abrasive, but that’s not the case anymore. With the option of soft underlays, improved drainage, eco-friendly manufacturing, and a soft-touch, fake grass can easily replicate and rival the benefits of real grass.

That being said, if you have a concrete base to start with, artificial grass won’t be as soft a landing if you fall over, although this can be aided with shock pads.

There are options that are pet-friendly and child friendly. So, whatever the needs of your family, an artificial lawn can keep up and bear the strain.

If you think artificial lawn is the option for you. Make sure you find a reliable supplier who can recommend the best type of lawn for your needs at a good price.


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