Best Mobile Apps for Reading Manga Online and Mangastream


Nothing could be greater for a manga lover then having access to their favorite manga anytime and anywhere on the palm of their hands. Let’s be honest, with increasing mobile technology people avoid streaming the internet on PCs as much as they can because it is more convenient and quicker to stream stuff on your phone. Join mangastream

Manga readers are not an exception. This makes a manga platform for mobile devices a necessity. There are many options out there in this regard. After careful and extensive research, we have gathered some of the best manga reading apps just for you. Make sure to go through all of them for a better manga reading experience. Our recommendation is Mangaowl


This app is a bit complicated but worth it at the same time. It contains a huge manga library and streaming features. It is not available on the google play store but that is not an issue. You can easily install it from GitHub.

This manga app is great in terms of manga quality and quantity. Most apps provide you with censored content and only the ones allowed by the app policy. But this mobile app doesn’t keep anything from you. No matter what your choice is and which kind of manga you prefer, this app will provide you with that for sure.


This is a very cool manga app and stands out for its amazing user interface. It has received appreciation from manga lovers all over the world. You can find both the latest and old classic manga on this site for free. 

MangaToon has many similarities to mangastream which is a great manga reading platform and is loved by every manga reader. MangaToon comes with many great features like quick search, filter search, and manga downloading options. You can save any manga from this app to your phone and read it later which is pretty sick.


The best thing about this particular app is that it doesn’t only host manga series but also gives you access to other kinds of comics including DC or Marvel etc. This way you have more options than a simple manga reading mobile application. 

This app has all the essential features needed for a great manga reading experience. Comixology is specially designed to have the same vibe as that of a typical comic book. This allows you to have a more realistic experience and a great time reading your manga.


This is another great app for manga reading on your smartphone. It comes with a cool interactive layout which helps in making your time here worth your while. 

the magazine has this option where you can communicate with other manga lovers through a community forum. This way you can keep yourself aware of the latest trends in manga and also share your views and seek recommendations from other readers through this app. 

Manga Box

This app is great for beginner manga readers as it has all the mainstream manga and contains all sorts of cool features to make your manga reading more fun. 

Manga box is totally free. You might face some ads on this app, but they are not a big issue. This app is updated regularly to add the latest stuff from your favorite manga series. This way it keeps you updated while providing you will good quality manga at the same time. You can learn more about such apps and other interesting stuff by visiting Past News. This is a blogging platform where you can find all sorts of manga and anime related content and much more.

Wrapping it Up

There are literally hundreds of mobile apps available for reading your manga. But not every one of them is good for you. With the above-mentioned manga, the app picks we are certain you will find your dream manga app quickly. 

You can download any of the apps discussed here and we are pretty sure you are going to love it. All of these apps are picked here for their great manga quality and variety. So, make one of these apps your manga reading aid and have endless fun. Visit our web home page.