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Guide To Choose And How To Setup React Native Development Company

Hello to everyone, who is interested in the world of development! This article which is called ‘Guide To Choose And How To Setup React Native Development Company’ is aimed at people who have at least once heard about React Native, or at least want to know about it. Perhaps half of you are thinking about how to choose the right company that will develop a high-quality cross-platform application, and half are thinking about establishing such a company. To begin with, we will clarify whether it is worth getting hung up on React Native technology for development and then we will analyze the questions about choosing and creating a web studio that specializes in cross-platform mobile applications. Read on and discover something new and interesting!


Back in the days before cross-platform technology (such as React Native), developers had to learn the Java programming language to write an Android application, and Objective C to write an iPhone application. Agree that it will take a long time to learn two languages and write the same application twice for two platforms. Fortunately, modern technology has brought the ability to write code once, which will work on both Android and iOs. This is how Apache Cordova was invented.

We write an application in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (just like a website), and Cordova runs it in the browser on the phone. This approach has greatly accelerated the application development process. But it had some disadvantages in the development process and functionality of apps at all, so the guys from Facebook decided to invent a technology that would allow developers to write the code once and it would work everywhere. And this invention should be free of the drawbacks of Cordova, that is, React Native. The final application, the one we run on the phone, uses native code (Java for Android, Objective C for iOS).

As a result, we get the same application as if we were writing it in a native language: controls, appearance and functions work the same as in a native application. Isn’t this magic?


We can conclude that when you are considering developing cross-platform applications using React Native, this approach has its advantages:

  • cost and speed of development. Since there is much less code to write, the cost of work is also reduced; this is a huge indicator when choosing a company and also a budget when setting up a personal company;
  • the ability to use the internal resources of the company. As this article will show later, the development of cross-platform applications can often be carried out by the forces of an already existing headquarters of programmers.


If you are sure that cross-platform development is what you need, then you can proceed to guide on choosing a React Native Development Company. Which IT studio should be entrusted with the important task of developing a high-quality mobile application that will work perfectly on both platforms? Expanding the search field allows you to access the best specialists and the latest technologies around the world. Therefore, it is worth approaching the choice of a React Native IT company with all care. Based on my knowledge of the market, I suggest paying special attention to several particularly important factors when choosing a company to develop the ideal app.


A clear understanding of the goals allows you to save money. Focus on goals and time and think about the functionality of the future product. It is very helpful to consult a marketing analyst. Together you will be able to define your market niche and the requirements of your target audience. Subsequently, this will help to select a more reasonable design plan and functionality for your future IT application. Ideally, at the end of this stage, you ought to have clear and precise requirements for the future product.

This will allow developers to more accurately estimate the scope of work and can reduce the budget. It also makes it easier for you to figure out if a particular company can bring your ideas to life. After clearly identifying what exactly you need, you can proceed directly to the search for the desired provider of IT services.

No. 2

You can start with a Google search, as we do when looking for other goods and services. But you have to be prepared to deal with dozens of pages. You can also refer to sites like Clutch, Top Tech Biz, or Appfutura. They provide information on the best IT companies, including pricing and unbiased reviews. You can filter information by location, technology or industry. Explore the site and portfolio of a potential company. If there are websites – go to them, make sure you like them. If there are mobile applications, go to Google Play or Apple Store.

Check their ratings, read comments, download the app and rate its design and functionality. And of course you can chat with previous clients. Also check out the company infrastructure and certifications. Company’s blog is also a valuable source of information about expertise, values, workflows, and even language proficiency. Good companies strive to add value to their customers and colleagues. So the presence of articles on the blog, both on purely technical topics, and what certain technologies can offer a business is a good sign.

No. 3

Understanding your business goal is as important as the quality of the code of the future application. No matter how innovative a mobile application is, it is only as valuable as it helps to meet specific business goals. That is why good IT companies start with their clarification. In doing so, they can use an impact map or other techniques to find out what business results are expected and how to achieve them with the help of the product.

No. 4

Ask about the company’s workflow and find out if you will be given access to the project, what role you will be assigned on it. It is also useful to learn about the risk management strategies used by the React Native development company. Imagine the problems that may arise on the project and ask if the supplier has already dealt with similar problems and how they dealt with them (or is going to deal with them).

No. 5

Communication transparency is the most important aspect when choosing a company. You need a clear communication plan. It should indicate convenient means of communication, the frequency of calls, written reports or video chats (it is recommended that they occur at least once a week) and contact persons on both sides. It should also include items such as availability (when both parties need to be in touch) and the time allotted to respond to mail or messages.

No. 6

Quality assurance and support. Testing is a very important step in the development process, because it saves you from a thousand and one small and big troubles after launch. The more attention the company pays to IT, the more confidence in its reliability. At a minimum, the development company should test and debug issues such as bugs, text and images, compatibility, power consumption and speed before release. Ask if the company provides support and service.

Do not forget to include these clauses in the service level agreement (a formal agreement containing the cost of the service, the rights and obligations of the parties, the timing of the work, etc.) At the end of the project, make sure the code is properly documented and handed to you.

No. 7

Make sure the supplier you intend to do business with is familiar with the latest security procedures. This includes: storing confidential data and encrypting it; user privacy issues, etc. These 7 steps will help you narrow your search among the best companies that will develop your future product with high quality, using React Native. 

How To Setup a React Native Development Company?

Whether your business is built on sales, service delivery or outreach, it’s impossible to ignore the time people spend in front of mobile screens today. The mobile apps market has been around for over a decade, but it is still growing rapidly. The demand for the creation of mobile applications from development companies is constantly growing and it still significantly exceeds the supply, which leads to a constant rise in the cost of development. One of the solutions to reduce the cost of this process is cross-platform development, when the same program code is used on all platforms.

Cross-platform development is a good and understandable direction, but with its own advantages and disadvantages that you need to keep in mind before starting the project. The made cross-platform application is obviously better than the unmade native one. You can quickly and cheaply develop it, upload it to the store and simply check the demand from users – whether someone is looking for an application from you, whether it installs what functions it uses. Based on the results of such an experiment. It will be possible to decide the fate of the mobile direction in your company and investments in it.

Considering questions

Let’s move on to considering the question of how to make your own business out of developing mobile applications with React Native. Statistics show that people are much more likely to purchase smartphones and tablets than PCs. And as a rule, the average user installs 25-30 applications on the phone. Ten of them are social networks, instant messengers, weather services and e-mail.

Another 5-10 are necessary for a person for leisure, namely for games and learning. So, applications are very popular and in demand: online stores, maps of the area and traffic jams, taxi services and others. Due to the popularity of gadgets, the need for various applications has intensified. People want to get maximum comfort in an extremely short time.

This is really possible with mobile apps. For example, you need to order a plane ticket. And no more trips across the city, traffic jams and communication with the cashier. There are hundreds and thousands of similar examples. If you create mobile applications yourself, or if you have a certain amount that you plan to invest in development, besides, you can attract friends and acquaintances to this business, then the React Native development company is a very promising plan. For the successful establishment of such a company at the initial stage, you need to consider all the risks and some of the nuances.


1st. Point

To begin with, you must decide on which platform you will create your product. In this article we are talking about cross-platform React Native development. That is, the one app that will function as much as possible on Android and iOS.

2nd. Point

Surely you are pursuing some kind of financial goal, once you take on development. Think immediately through which store you will sell them. Although the options are few: Google Play – the most popular online shopping network. Where it is easiest to “push” new Android applications. It’s an ideal platform for a newbie developer, as there are a lot of free products here that are monetized through ads and additional features; App Store. This store doesn’t really give way to new developments. But if the development is of high quality and at an affordable price. Then you will most likely be able to make a profit. Just don’t expect huge sums in the first few months.

3rd. Point

An important step after developing an application is competent advertising and promotion. To do this, you should follow simple guidelines: write a super-duper-catchy selling text describing the development; make a mini-video and show all the benefits of the product in it; make the right advertising move, such as a giveaway for additional development benefits or a download discount for another mobile device (tablet, for example); launch an advertisement and place active links to the application on social networks in it.

Using mobile apps development with React Native as a business is a great solution. Especially if you are an experienced developer and you have a company of like-minded people ready to support you in your entrepreneurial endeavors. But I want to draw your attention to some factors:

  • Developing a mobile app is more expensive than creating a web extension or website. At the same time, it is often necessary to wait for profit much longer.

  • React Native mobile application – development of the future. Even if it did not fire right away, it will most likely become profitable over time. If you manage to occupy the necessary niche in the market and gain a foothold in it. Success will surely come to you. 


In the article ‘Guide To Choose And How To Setup React Native Development Company’ I have analyzed the steps required to successfully interact with a company that specializes in developing with React Native, as well as for the establishment of such a company. Among the most significant criteria are the timing and cost of development and maintenance. Compliance with the task, safety and prospects, the level of development of the company. Thanks for reading! Hope it will be helpful during searching for an IT company and setting up such one! 


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