Do You Know Daejhanae Jackson? Her News Arrest

daejhanae jackson

The Daejhanae Jackson case prompts calls for the imprisonment of the people behind the Mexico video. Shanquella Robinson departed for a trip to Cabo, Mexico, with her pals on October 28, 2022. The businesswoman was discovered dead 24 hours later.

After the news of her passing spread online, a video showing one of her pals, purportedly Daejhanae Jackson, assaulting Shanquella before to her tragic demise has appeared online. Also, Jackson’s image is being shared online.

A lady can be seen beating up a nude Shanquella Robinson in the video. The victim’s travelling companions stayed in the room as the vicious assault was being captured on their phones.

The identities and images of the companions who accompanied the 25-year-old victim have surfaced online since the video went viral. Khalil, Wenter Donovan, Alysse Hyatt, Daejhanae Jackson, and Nazeer Wiggins’ innocence has been questioned by several people.

The Internet Public Has Access to Daejhanae Jackson’s LinkedIn Page

The six are said to have deleted their social media accounts when Robinson’s pals’ names were discovered online. Although there isn’t much information online regarding Jackson, users on the internet posted a picture of her LinkedIn page on Twitter.

Daejhanae Jackson describes herself as a “aspiring healthcare professional” on her LinkedIn profile. Her education at Winston-Salem State University was also included in her profile. She works at Blue Rhino in Greensboro, North Carolina, according to her profile. They describe themselves as a “propane tank swap brand” on their official website.

Internet users call for the imprisonment of Robinson’s buddies.

Many people thought the statements made about what led to Robinson’s death were ambiguous. Internet users are certain that Shanquella Robinson’s death was caused by the group of pals. This assertion has been supported by the footage of Jackson reportedly hitting Robinson just before she died.

Internet users asked that Robinson’s buddies be imprisoned. Many tweets said Daejhanae Jackson

The parents of Shanquella Robinson were informed that their daughter had died from alcohol poisoning.

Robinson’s buddy Khalil informed Robinson’s parents Salamondra and Bernard that she had died from alcohol poisoning after passing away. Robinson did not pass away from the same cause as the deceased, investigators discovered when the victim’s family notified the FBI about their daughter’s unexplained death.

Salamondra stated during an interview that the FBI discovered her daughter had “a fractured neck and her spine in the back was cracked.”

Quilla Long, Shanquella’s sister, also voiced scepticism over the circle of pals. Long said in a conversation.

White House letter identifies suspect in the killing of Shanquella Robinson

According to attorneys pleading with U.S. authorities to act on a pending extradition request, a 26-year-old woman from North Carolina is sought by police in Cabo, Mexico who are looking into the murder of Shanquella Robinson. Attorneys Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson said Daejhanae Jackson is wanted by Mexican authorities during a recent news conference and in a letter dated March 13 to President Joe Biden and diplomatic representatives. A spokesperson from the legal firm on Tuesday provided The Charlotte Observer with a copy of the letter. The letter summarises observations from a recent trip to Mexico that Sue-Ann Robinson conducted.

On October 29, Charlotte resident Shanquella Robinson passed away mysteriously while travelling with six friends. She was 25 years old. A warrant had allegedly been issued for the arrest of an American citizen travelling with Robinson, according to Mexican officials. Officials at the time described the accusation as femicide, a type of homicide. The fact that no suspect has been apprehended and how U.S. officials have handled the situation are some of the reasons for the uproar and tremendous interest in the case. Several people who were carefully following the case thought Jackson, who hadn’t been publicly named until lately, was the suspect. The focus was on assertions that she was the one who beat Robinson in a video immediately before she passed away.

Public Figures or Organisations

Yet up to this point, no public figures or organisations in charge of disseminating details about criminal cases have identified a suspect. A federal statute in Mexico provides limited pre-trial protection for persons who are suspected of crimes, which often entails that police there keep some records private, distort mugshots, and avoid disclosing complete identities when a person is detained. Yet over the course of the months, information about the “Cabo 6″‘s identities has leaked to the media, been discussed with acquaintances of those who went on the trip, and been revealed in a copy of the check-in list for the vacation house.

Jackson was named a suspect following an inquiry by the Attorney General’s Office in Baja California Sur, which is where the well-known tourist resort of Cabo San Lucas is situated, according to Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson in their letter to Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken. Shanquella Robinson is not connected to attorney Sue-Ann Robinson.


Daejhanae Jackson had two past arrests in North Carolina for non-violent misdemeanour charges, according to a criminal record search. According to available documents, Jackson pled guilty to a lesser misdemeanour of speeding in Guilford County in 2018. Jamestown, a community near to High Point, is listed as Jackson’s final known address in public records. Also, according to the documents, she earned a degree from Robinson’s alma mater, Winston-Salem State University.

Prior until now, WSSU said in a statement that none of the people connected to Robinson’s death are still enrolled there. Jackson was one of three persons who delivered Robinson’s bags to her mother’s house in Charlotte and informed her that Shanquella had died from alcohol intoxication, according to the letter from Crump’s and Robinson’s law firm. Yet, such justification conflicts with what is stated in Robinson’s condition and passing in official documents.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Robinson’s death was caused by “severe spinal cord damage and atlas luxation.” Or a fractured neck, according to an autopsy. Robinson had a seizure when medical assistance arrived at the Cabo property on October 29. According to a doctor who was rushed to the scene. Robinson had “stable vital signs” but “was dehydrated. Unable to converse verbally, and appeared intoxicated,” the doctor said in the police report. The Observer previously stated that no official record has been made public indicating that. OFficials believed drinking to be the primary cause of Robinson’s death.