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Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth Your Money?

If there ever was a single element of your house that could make or break the aesthetics and comfort of your home, it’s your windows. Believe it or not, the panes of glass that line your house and let in natural light from the outside world are incredibly crucial to your home’s overall feel. If you install the wrong windows. Rest assured that you’ll feel the negative effects as long as you live in the house. Recently, triple-pane windows have expanded in popularity as a premium choice for homeowners. Do you need to consider triple-pane windows in your house?

In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of triple-pane windows to help you assess whether or not the extra cost is worth the advantages that you will realize.

Energy Efficiency

The primary benefit that triple-pane windows provide over double-pane or even single-pane windows is energy efficiency. You see, due to the physics concept of convection, heat is constantly being exchanged in the presence of any gas (like air).

During the cold winter months, the powers of convection allow heat to escape from the interior of your home into the cold outside. On the other hand, when the sun is beating down in the heat of summer. The extreme temperatures outside slowly transfer heat into your home via the windows.

No window is able to completely negate the effects of convection transfer. However, triple-pane windows come as close as you can get to do exactly that. The additional layer allows even greater protection against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. This, in turn, translates into energy savings for you in the long-term.

However, remember that this benefit is only realized in the long-term. In order for you to see the gains of triple-pane windows. It will take a few years of energy efficiency savings to kick in before you recoup your cost.

However, the other benefit of the triple pane is that they also noticeably reduce the amount of sound pollution that makes its way into your house. So, if you combine the benefit of a greener home with a quieter one. The cost of a 3-pane window could easily be worth it to you.

Triple-Pane Windows Cost

Triple-pane windows cost on average $818 per window. To calculate the cost of a triple-pane window installation for your home. Figure out how many windows you’ll need and multiple by $818 for a rough estimate.

Are Triple-Pane Windows Worth It?

Now that you know both the advantages and the expenses associated with triple-pane windows, you can do your own cost-benefit analysis to assess whether or not triple-pane windows are worth the pain in your home. If you place great value on having a quiet, green home. Then triple-pane windows could well be the newest upgrade you install!

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