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5 Kinds of Healthcare Services You Might Not Have Heard Of

There are so many services that are offered by those in the healthcare field. Although there are a great many healthcare services that you know about, there are still a few that you’ve probably never even heard of.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at some of those health care services you never knew about. Continue reading to find out which five services made our list.

Healthcare Services

With every new year, there comes a set of new innovations that slowly make their way into the public eye. While you’ve heard of many, there are still innovations that are being perfected and haven’t been spoken of before.

Crowd-Sourced Data Collection

Crowd-sourced data collection is a way of monitoring pollutants and other allergen levels that are in the air surrounding people. At the moment, it is an application called AirRater and is being used and tested in Australia.

Those that use the application enter the symptoms they may be experiencing, and based on the air levels around them, the app then helps to improve their surrounding air quality.

Live Fish Treatments

This may cause some confusion, but in some places in the world, swallowing fish is used as a means of treatment for certain ailments. In southern India, a duo known as the Bathini Goud helps people swallow live fish.

The swallowing of the fish is rumored to help improve symptoms caused by asthma and other issues plaguing the respiratory system.

Dolphin Therapy

Many things have been said to help pregnant women and aid in the development of their unborn child. None of those treatments sound as bizarre as dolphin therapy.

There is a hotel in Lima where pregnant women can spend time beside a large pooling area, and dolphins can swim up and nuzzle their growing bellies. Apparently, the dolphins help to improve the baby’s brain development.

This kind of stimulation may mean that a woman goes into labor at any moment, and she’ll need air ambulance services.

Snail Facials

In Tokyo, the use of snails can help to improve the appearance of one’s skin. What happens is the snail is placed on the skin, and the slime that the snail excretes helps to moisturize and soften the skin.

This facial is known to relieve dry patches and can help users that experience things like eczema.

Urine Therapy

This one may not sound surprisingly new, but it does take people by surprise whenever they hear about it. People all over the world have talked about the benefits of drinking and bathing in their own urine.

While this isn’t someone’s first thought when they become thirsty, it is safe to drink your own urine if you’re stranded in the wild without any water.

The Finale

When it comes to healthcare services, there are quite a few services that will become more widely known as time goes on. Whether all of the services are beneficial is another story entirely. If you’ve enjoyed this article, we encourage you to read some of the other medical news that’s featured on our website.


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