Mistakes To Avoid When Wearing Tights

Wearing Tights
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You have worn tights before and you know that you have mistaken once or twice when you put them on. Before it becomes too late, you may want to consider these tips on what to avoid when you have tights at home. Having designer tights is quite convenient for everyone because of the ease of putting them on and covering the parts that you do not want to be seen. But there are still no-no’s when it comes to wearing tights. Here are some of them.

What are the Mistakes to Avoid When You Wear Your Tights

Not having a balanced look when wearing tights

You should not have just one type of tights in your drawer. If you will look at online stores, you will find lots of designer tights that are made of different materials. Tights can be made of cotton, silk, wool, spandex, nylon, and polyester. Each material serves its purpose depending on the style that you are aiming for.

When you want to wear tights, you must consider your overall look. You should create a balance between the top and the bottom of your style. If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, you cannot wear opaque tights. It will make your legs heavy and big. You can consider wearing sheer tights instead to balance it out.

Owning only black tights

You have to admit. Black tights are classic pieces of garment that you do not want to miss in your cabinet. They can be used almost anywhere and anytime. Black tights are very usable and can adapt to different styles that you have.

But these classic tights are not the only ones in the market. You have tights that are available in various hues. You can aim for a classic single-color look. You can also create contrast and still get the best style for the occasion where you are going. Get different colors for your tights and be bold to try them out.

Wearing tights only in the office

Most women assume that wearing tights is only suitable for the office. But this is not true. Wearing tights can be for any type of event that you have. Cocktail dresses may look better with tights. Tights may elevate the style from casual to formal quickly.

Wearing tights make you more glamorous. It may be because of the material or the whole look that adds elegance to your style. You can surely wear tights in the office but do not limit your options to just having them around when working.

Not checking the denier of the tights

Denier is the indicator of how translucent or opaque the tights are. As the denier goes higher, you also receive more opaque tights. If you get tights that have a denier of 30 or less, you will probably have sheer tights.

Sheer tights are the option to wear when you are already wearing a top with heavy fabric and you want the skin of your legs to show. Opaque tights are worn mostly during cold weather. You have to wear thicker and heavier coats and sweaters to balance it out.


Having read the list, you now know the mistakes that you should avoid when you have tights in your closet and you are very eager to use them on your next event. It is all about the kind of outfit that you have, the occasion that you are attending, and the accessories that you want to wear to add to your style. But do not forget to have fun and enjoy wearing your designer tights. It is good to feel sexy when wearing them because it gives you the confidence to strut and walk as if you are on the runway.