Cigarette Alternatives That You Can Try Out For Yourself

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Whether you just want to try something else for fun or you want to stop smoking, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from. In the list, you will find patches, lozenges, and a glass nectar collector. You will also find different options to keep your mind off smoking and do activities to keep you focused on other things. Read more to find out about smoking alternatives that you can try out.

Alternatives to Smoking that You Can Try Out

Use hookahs

If you got bored with the usual stick of cigarettes that you have at home, why not try other tools instead? Have you heard of hookah? It is a device that is made of glass and used to smoke flavored tobacco. It is actually a water pipe wherein the air passes through the tobacco mixture and then to the chamber as you inhale it using the tube. You can use a glass nectar collector or other tube designs of your choice.

This is definitely a new experience for those who have not seen a hookah before. You will develop a new habit of smoking as you taste the different mixtures and flavors of tobacco that are available in the market.

Use cigars

Another alternative to using cigarettes for smoking is cigars. Cigarettes are smaller and more compact. Cigars are bigger and last longer compared to cigarettes. These cigars also contain more tobacco than the amount available in cigarettes.

Some people also find cigars more stylish compared to cigarettes. You can find cigars during celebrations like winning championship games, or fathers having a new child in the family. You can find cigars that range from $2 to a million dollars. The price of a cigar is determined by the filter that it has and the type of wrapper that is used.

Use herbs and other healthier options

If you want to ditch tobacco for some other product, you can try mullein, hops, ginger root, mints, or lemon balm. You can roll these up and use them as healthier options for your smoking time.

Some of these herbs are great for lung recovery. Others provide a calming effect that tobacco also gives. Some herbs even improve the circulation of blood. If you want to stop your craving for tobacco, these herbs also help to do so. Look at the different benefits that the herbs provide and use them according to your needs.

Exercise and do workouts

If you are looking for a new habit to develop, you can also try to do some exercise workouts. Whenever you feel like getting a stick of cigarette from your pocket, you just go and run. This gives you something else to focus on instead of smoking a cigarette. Your body can definitely benefit from your daily exercises.

You can also do sports. You can have a daily routine of training and have a goal in mind so that you think less of smoking and more of reaching your milestones. You can run faster and live healthier as you exercise your muscles, strengthen your bones, and clear your lungs with exercise.


If you just got so used to smoking cigarettes that you want to try out something else, you have the option to do so. You can use a glass nectar collector to smoke tobacco as an alternative to your usual cigarettes. There are also vapes and patches available. Another option is to keep your mind off smoking totally by focusing on sports or doing other things so that you forget to light up a smoke entirely.