How to analyze your performance on Instagram: an ultimate guide towards analytics?


If you are interested in growing your business on Instagram, performance measurement is a great way to start. Instagram analytics has been proved a significant feature to target the right users, reach a new audience and improve content strategy. By learning different Instagram metrics and terms, and how to use these analytics to improve your marketing, you can improve your business. The following ultimate guide will help you to learn what each metric means and how this knowledge can lead towards success.

Why Instagram Analytics matter?

Instagram analytics is the fastest and best way to understand your target audience and what content strategy will help get free Instagram followers. However, as every Instagram brand has its own unique goals, important metrics can differ from brand to brand. So, the best is to start from your business goals; then, you can decide which relevant metrics will help achieve those goals.

How to access the analytics option on Instagram?

If you already have an Instagram business, it is straightforward to access analytics through the insight tab.

  • Start tapping on the menu icon in the top right corner.
  • Click on the Insight tab; this will open analytics for your business.
  • You can find all metrics and analytics for your stories, posts, and followers demographics on insights.

Instagram audience analytics

Understanding audience analytics is an excellent way towards to whom you are talking. For this, open the insight tab and scroll down until you get “Your audience”. Here click on “See All”. From here, you can get an overview of all your followers. It will give details of free Instagram followers as well as of buying Instagram followers. If you don’t have huge Instagram followers then you can through the Ins followers app which is a useful application for getting free Instagram followers and buy Instagram followers. Here, you can get a breakdown of the previous 7 or 30 days, including top locations, followers’ growth, age range, most active times, and gender.

Instagram stories analytics

Getting story performance is a great way to understand what type of Instagram stories are best according to your brand. Instagram stories analytics can also find on the Insight tab. Here scroll down until you get “Content you shared” and click on the arrow alongside recent stories. From here, you can get 30 days of analytics based on the following measurements: exited, follows, next story, call button taps, email button taps, reach, profile visits, website taps, etc.

Instagram feed post analytics

This is an efficient way to get a holistic view of your content that has performed best for some time. Instagram feed post analytics can be found under the published post in view insight tabs. You can see details of all metrics, including likes, comments, saves, sends interaction, impressions, and discovery.

Instagram reels analytics

Instagram reels analytics have only limited features but still can help to monitor your business success. Go to the reels tab on your profile and see the number of views each reel has get. Then, click on the individual reel to see the number of comments and likes this one has received.

How to track and report Instagram analytics?

There are numerous Instagram metrics available you can track and report but trying to tackle them is not valuable. Instead, having a clear view of your business goals and critical Instagram metrics, according to it, is considered the most efficient approach. So, test out different objectives, play with your tactics, tweak your content, and see what will stick according to it is an excellent way to achieve results that will surprise everyone.