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Sustainable Modular Construction
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Environmental impact and how resources are utilized and sourced are a big concern for the preservation of the future, and even more so when it comes to the construction industry.

Sustainable construction methods are fast becoming the way forward, and for good reason, without acknowledging that we have a planetary crisis on our hands and making changes to slow the negative effects, the future we want for our upcoming generation may not be what we want for them.

Thankfully, industry experts have come up with a highly cost-effective, and time-saving solution that will soon become the norm for construction, building, and engineering as a whole.

This is where the trend toward modular construction comes effectively into play. You have all the benefits of efficiency and efficacy without sacrificing quality, which sounds like a win-win to me.

Let’s start at the beginning

What is sustainable construction? In simple terms, it means building under a process that reduces generated waste, favoring the use of recycled and renewable components that have the least negative effect on the environment. When electricity consumption is minimized by using renewable energy sources during the manufacturing process, the carbon footprint generated also decreases. In addition, among other benefits, off-site construction often cuts project delivery time in half, reducing the amount of labor required.

            The importance

The big question being asked is if this issue is as important as we would like to think, and the surefire answer is YES!

Companies globally are recovering from tragedy across all sectors, and without making a change to the way things are operated we may never come out under the blanket of constant CO₂ emissions, water pollution, and hazardous waste from improper disposal methods, and inefficient electricity usage.

            Doing your part

Moving forward companies are taking the reins on a safer environmental future, and with the use of digitization in the manufacturing process, we see how large corporations are making changes for the better. Here are some examples of what is being currently implemented and what looks promising moving ahead.

  • Teams – 82% of AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction) companies have a dedicated sustainability team in place within the company that manages and prioritizes the sustainability of projects for the organization as a whole and holds the whole team accountable for results.
  • Investment – Construction companies, while the figure is slightly less than their manufacturing and engineering counterparts, have agreed to invest up to 900,000€ to make their businesses more sustainably savvy.
  • Technology – The digital world is going nowhere and advancing quicker than we may realize, which is why it makes sense that 74% of AEC firms are implementing technological software and programs to support initiatives that prioritize sustainability.

The world of Modular

Modular construction is where companies, whilst maintaining the use of sustainable materials and construction methods, do so off-site, unlike the traditional construction site scenes filled with too many people and too much equipment. This technique is significantly increasing in popularity in the construction industry and it is not hard to see why.

According to industry experts and successfully tried and tested construction projects, the overall reduction in weight waste generated by modular, off-site construction was 83.2% making modular construction the go-to option for building firms globally.

Modular pods, manufactured by industry-leading companies such as Hydrodiseño, are the epitome of modular construction where the product is built off-site in a factory, in controlled conditions, all the while maintaining and adhering to safety and building regulation codes, but at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking for a way to save time and money for your business, then sustainable construction using modular pods is the solution you have been looking for.

As a more cost-efficient method, you have an opportunity to be more time-effective, maintain the quality of the product, and offer reduced delivery times on completed projects. All things business owners want to hear and customers want to experience.

Streamlined efficacy

When a product, and even more so ones as large as the construction of buildings and homes, is completed off-site you, as an ambassador for the future of the planet simply by making environmentally impactful changes to the way you operate, are significantly reducing the energy wastage as a whole. Fewer on-site heavy equipment pieces are needed which results in greenhouse gas emissions cuts by up to 30%, and the workplace is more environmentally friendly to your employees.

You then have the opportunity to make the off-site factories sustainable themselves with renewable energies through solar paneling or wind turbines, efficient ventilation systems eliminating external pollutants in the air, and using natural, insulating materials to prevent noise pollution.

One step forward

All it takes is that leap of faith with the willingness to make a change for the better, to protect and save the planet, it is after all the only one we have. Sustainable modular construction could not have come at a better time, and with its streamlined systems, we are sure to create the world we wish for our future generation.