8 Best Apps for Students

Apps for Students
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Short but regular classes are much more effective than many hours of cramming. With a smartphone, it’s easy to do just that: for a short time, excitingly, and at any time. We have compiled the top free educational apps for students in order to master the educational material and plan the time correctly. When seeking the best apps for students, consider Studicata which offers an exceptional bar exam prep course that stands out among the best apps for students seeking comprehensive and effective study tools to excel in their bar exam preparation.


Among the study apps on Google Play, you can find a lot of organizers and planners, but Wunderlist is loved for its simplicity and functionality. This application helps:

  • create to-do lists for the week and for the day;
  • share lists, appoint an executor;
  • set reminders and notifications;
  • attach comments, files, and sub-items to lists;
  • create thematic folders with tasks;
  • tag lists with hashtags for easy search.

Send assignments to a classmate, make a checklist for preparing for an exam, and remind yourself of the deadline for an essay – it is easy with this app! That’s what Wunderlist is for. You can access your account from any device – just install the application and sync.


This is an essay writing app that is perfect for all students. Check out their website www.essayshark.com  The features of this app for essay writing are amazing: there is a convenient order form, a section with top writers, the ability to get a free preview, notifications of order completeness, and many more.

The application allows you to order essays and other papers easily – set requirements, and attach additional materials (add electronic versions of manuals and PDF files with information to be used while writing). The intuitive interface will be understandable even to elementary school students.

One Big Thing

This mobile application for the study will appeal to everyone who likes to stick stickers on the monitor so that important tasks are always in front of their eyes. It is intended for “one big thing,” to which you can add a few smaller ones.

We look at the phone screen and see what needs to be done today – you can’t imagine it easier! The perfect solution to focus on the essentials and not lose your enthusiasm while making another multi-level list.

iStudiez Pro

It is a helpful app that can be customized and opened from a smartphone. It will have everything: the schedule, the names of teachers, important dates, homework, plans for the term, and, if necessary, even grades.

The notification system independently reminds about tasks, events, and curricula for the current day. You just need to set aside time and carefully fill out all the forms so that in the future, the app will run like clockwork. To conclude, this is one of the most useful applications for studying, which will replace the daily planner for students.

Microsoft To Do

The top of the best applications for study cannot but include the well-known Microsoft development – the To-Do checklist, which has become the prototype for many planners. It is extremely simple: the user creates lists with tasks (one line – one task) and marks them as they are completed.

There is an alert system that is convenient to use for recurring events. For example, you can set reminders about the deadlines for tests and essays or add a schedule of consultations before exams to the notification system.


This is a program for studying with which you can create mind maps in electronic form. The application helps to quickly take notes on lectures and organize the material, displaying it in the form of a scheme (branched tree), diagram, or graph. For example, you can make a reminder of the tenses in English, create a plan for a term paper or a thesis, and briefly write down the main events in England in the 18th century.

You can add links, photos, and audio clips to sub-items, mark them and fix labels. The paid version has the ability to save files as PDFs and send them in Word or PowerPoint.

Castle Quiz

This is a useful and, at the same time, not boring application for studying and reviewing the materials covered, which turns the learning process into a game. A series of quizzes, built in the form of a battle for the castle, will help refresh knowledge in science, art, history, and any other subject, as well as prepare in a playful way for the exams and even for the traffic rules exam.

Opponents are friends, random players from the network, or computer bots. At the end of the quiz, you can find out the correct answers with explanations, which include links to video lectures and other materials.

The free period is seven days, after which funds are debited from the card attached during registration.


This is one of the best applications for studying, which is worth downloading for a student, and a teacher. Originally a program for creating flashcards for various subjects and topics, Quizlet now offers seven study modes, diagramming tools, and the ability to create and invite students to study courses.

Here’s what you can do in Quizlet:

  • create memory cards;
  • automatically generate exercises and tests;
  • receive an individual study plan;
  • use ready-made training modules;
  • complete the educational game Quizlet Live;
  • launch a training course and invite students;
  • track the progress of all invitees.

The program has modules for studying natural and social sciences, mathematics, culture and art, and foreign languages. The section for teachers can be used free of charge for 30 days.

With these apps, you can succeed in your studies.