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90’s Inspired Hair Trends You’re Going to Love in 2021

After 2020 being … the way it was, people are no longer interested in spending hours in a salon chair every few months for complex and ever-changing color trends. In some states, that’s not even allowed!

But that doesn’t mean they’re going to walk around without good hair! It’s a pandemic, not the end of the world. It just means that the late 2020 and 2021 hair trends are lower maintenance than the three-color balayage of times before.

We’re also seeing a throwback to 90’s trends, probably because we’ve all had so much time to binge-watch Friends.

Wondering what’s on the agenda for your hair this coming year? Get ready to screenshot these to your hair person, mask up, and hopefully be able to show these new haircuts off sometime next spring!

What is Out?

If something is in, that means other things are out. And when we say out, we don’t mean you’ll be made fun of if you’re still growing out last summer’s balayage, but we expect that hairdressers won’t be doing as many as they were.

Hair colors that have two or three different highlight colors or undertones are out too. Not only is it extra expensive to use that much color in a time where not everyone can afford it right now, but we don’t want to expose our hairdressers to ourselves for that long either-even if we’re both wearing masks.

Also, out are in-between lengths for men. We want to see it short and well-shaped, ideally with some sort of fade, or long and flowing. But more on men later.

2021: The Best Time to Try Wild Colors

If you’ve managed not to cut your own hair or box dye it by now, especially through April and May, congratulations! You have better impulse control than most people. We were seeing a lot of people get so bored that they made #sorryBradMondo videos on TikTok, oftentimes ruining the quality of their hair.

And while we don’t condone dying your hair at home, unless you already know what you’re doing, we do encourage trying that wild color you’ve always wanted to try.

You’re not going into the office, you only ever go to the store, and you see pretty much no one —so who cares if it doesn’t work out? At least you’ll be able to say you tried.

TikTok Hair Color Trends

If you want to go wild, here are some trendy colors to try, with methods and fails/reveals all over the online community.

Half and Half Color

This works best on people who are already blonde since at-home bleach can be a disaster. But this is the trend where you part your hair down the middle, then dye one side of it one color, leaving the other half blonde.

We’ve seen people do blonde and blue, blonde and black, and pretty much any other combination you can think of.

Anything Pastel

Since we’re all home anyway, it’s not a big deal to have to refresh your color every two weeks, like you have to do when you go pastel. In fact, companies like Overtone make it so easy, it’s like doing a deep conditioning mask.

Have dark hair but still want to go blonde, so you can go pastel? Make sure you watch enough hair fail Tiktoks to learn what not to do. If you have the funds, it’s worth it to go to your stylist just for the bleaching step – their products are a lot more gentle than what you can get at home.


This is not a TikTok trend, but it is trendy. It has to be. It was popularized (this year) by none other than Kylie Jenner, the trend queen herself.

Bronde is a little bit darker than what we’d call dirty blonde back in the day. It’s between dark blonde and light brown. And the best part about this trend? It’s okay if your roots show! Dark roots will serve as a contrast and add to this semi-grunge, but still cute, look.

Face Framing Highlights 

Want to really channel the 90’s? Those chunky zebra-stripe highlights are back, but they’re a little bit more blended this time (thank god). You only want to go about two shades lighter than your natural color with these chunky highlights and make sure they frame your face.

Especially in a Zoom world, keeping the lighter color near your face can brighten up your complexion without having to bleach your whole head!


Finally, if you’re dead-set on going lighter but don’t think a cool-blonde tone is for you, or want something more unique than bronde, go copper. Copper is a little more brunette than strawberry blonde and looks gorgeous on paler skin tones.

It’s a great way to test out reddish-hues on yourself before committing to a bright red or scarlet that will be hard to cover up or lift.

Pastels for Men

Hey men, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you. If you’ve seen the cover of any major magazines lately (cough, Harry Styles), you know that even the most idolized sex-symbols are embracing a bit of femininity these days.

So flip off traditional gender roles and play with some pastel colors in your hair. If you’re already blonde, it’ll fade out easily if you don’t like it. If your hair is darker, work with a stylist to make a plan.

Never really cared about your health? Consider trying hair vitamins to help it grow longer, stronger, and shinier.

2021 Hair Trends: Cuts to Try

Now that you have your color figured out, what should you ask for when you venture out, with a mask on, to get your hair cut for the first time in months? Well, we’d like to suggest that it’s a good time to experiment here too.

The only time people see you is on Zoom, and you can clip back or put up your hair if you make a choice, you don’t end up liking. Which means it’s totally time to stop pining over them and actually …

Get Traditional Bangs 

You remember those straight-across bangs you probably had as a kid? Well, they’re back now, and there’s no better time to try them. Ask your stylist for straight bangs that get a little longer towards your ears, so they aren’t a stark contrast.

Bangs work with any hair length, but we love them with a collarbone length bob. Want to be a little off guard? Pair them with a sharp shoulder cut, which is a bob that’s angular-ly longer in front than in the back.

And hey, if you don’t like them, butterfly clips are back in! That’s exactly what we used when we were growing out our bangs last time we had them. Does that make you feel old?

Side Swept Bangs

2000’s girls get ready – it’s your time to shine again! Those thick side bangs we had in middle and high school when Panic! At the Disco was at its peak? They’re back in, but not as intense as they were back then.

These side-swept bangs shouldn’t be so thick that they make one of your eyes disappear. We’re talking about a wispy, romantic side sweep.

If your Instagram feed is full of light-colored woven baskets, luxe faux fur, and Dalmatian print, this is exactly the right vibe for you.

Don’t want them in your face all the time? Oversized and decorated barrettes are in again, too. It makes you wonder why we get rid of anything in the first place!

Styles to Try When You’re Home and Bored

Don’t feel like making a major change? That’s okay! You can still have fun with your hair. Put on a YouTube tutorial and try these 2021 hair trends for hairstyles.

Finger Curls

Finger curls are a very old way of setting your hair, think Marilyn Monroe. They take a lot of practice and bobby pins, but they look so amazing. We saw this look all over fashion week, but especially at the Valentino show.


Yes, little wisps are back. So throw your hair up into the cute updo you did for prom and let some tendrils fall loose. Face framing layers are perfect for this hairstyle, and you can even add the butterfly clips we talked about earlier for a real throwback look if you’d like!

Short, Wild Curls

If you have curly hair that’s shoulder-length and above, throw on a thick headband or head scarf and let your curls go wild. Finger comb them and let them live their best, most horizontal life.

Hair Trends You Have to Try This Year

We hope we’ve given you some ideas for what to do with your hair this coming year, even if it just means going to the hairdressers to get those since-march dead ends cut.

Whether you’re going bronde, getting bangs, or doing something wild with your hair, we’re here to support you. We hope you loved this 2021 hair trends guide – check back for more 2021 trends on the blog!



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