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Your Guide to the Different Types of Summer Camps for Teens

Did you know that there are over 12,000 summer camps in the U.S alone? Traditional summer camps have become highly successful for their outdoor adventures. Although, what other types of summer camps exist?

Don’t worry with this guide you can find out! From specialty camps to faith-based summer programs, summer camp provides teens with memories for years to come.

Now, are you ready to have some fun? Here’s an in-depth look at summer camps:

Specialty Camps

Specialty camps are often focused on the arts. From music to theater, specialty camps provide teens with higher levels of training in their chosen passion. Instructors, counselors, and administrative professionals usually have expert knowledge of their chosen interest.

Thus, teen summer camps are important since they provide knowledgable professionals who can help educate teens on the subject matter. Most camps provide one-on-one mentoring sessions, fun activities, as well as interactive courses.

Gender-Specific Camps

Parents often want their kids to engage in a truly stress-free camp experience. That’s why gender-specific camps come highly regarded. They provide an understanding environment for teens of all ages.

In fact, they provide no added social pressure from the opposite sex. Camps are divided into girls only and boys only sections. In most cases, the two camps will even join together to complete activities and compete against one another in sporting events.

Special Needs Camps

When your teen has a physical or mental disability, regular summer camps often cannot provide the right attention or care. That’s why special needs summer camps have developed activities specifically for those with disabilities.

Thus, teens don’t have to miss out on the fun of a summer camp experience. Instead, they can enjoy the outdoors and build upon skills like teamwork and self-confidence.

Sports Camps

Sports camps allow teens to explore their interests. In fact, they allow teenagers to practice good sportsmanship and help build self-confidence.

Since it’s centered around a single sport, teens can learn about something their passionate about. From swimming to lacrosse, there’s a variety of summer camps that can help teens hone their skills.

In some cases, sports camps may even hire guest speakers. Therefore, teens may have a chance to talk and interact with some of the largest names in the industry.

Faith-Based Camps

Many faith-based organizations sponsor summer camps for youth members. At these summer camps, campers can enjoy many camp activities. For example, campers learn about nature, engage in outdoor adventures, as well as bond with other teens.

Although religion is a central aspect of the camp. Many activities will focus on the topic of religion and teach teens how to increase their faith. Depending on the camp, daily devotionals and prayers may take place.

Try the Different Types of Summer Camps Today

Summer camps are perfect for teens, especially since they allow teenagers to explore their passions. However, you don’t have to go the traditional route.

There are many types of summer camps from specialty to gender-specific; summer camps often provide teens with long-lasting memories. For more information on summer camps, visit our website to learn more.


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