What are the Best Electric Cars on the Market? 

Electric Cars
source (istockphoto.com)

Electric cars are trendy today, so you may wonder which is the best. Every electric vehicle has different features. It is hard to choose from so many different types. Currently, the best two on the market are the Tesla Model 3 Standard and the Kia EV6. Whether you need a new car for business or personal use, these cars will be perfect. 

Tesla Model 3 Standard

The most excellent electric car on the market is the Tesla Model 3 Standard. Made in 2017, the Telsa Model 3 Standard was one of the year’s most effective combined EV ranges and performance. No Tesla or electric car has come close to this since. The sleek design of the Tesla Model 3 helps in speed and attractiveness.

Since 2017, the Tesla Model 3 Standard’s structure has remained the same. This car could be the ideal electric car with four doors and no traditional engine. With many versions of the Tesla Model 3 to select from, you can be sure to find the ideal one for your needs. Why should you get a Tesa Model 3 Standard? 


This small but spacious sedan is comfortable and fun to drive. The Tesla Model 3 has plenty of storage with two trunk areas, one on the front, called a frunk, and one traditional trunk. With a battery pack under the floor to power the motor, it leaves more room for storage. 

You have many options for the Tesla Model 3 with multiple variations. With many variations there are four main variants. The Standard range, mid-range, long range, and performance are all variants of the Model 3 Tesla. Since there are so many variants, you have lots of room to choose from. You could get an all-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive, just like a regular gas-engine car. 

2019, Standard Model 3 Tesla can go 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. That said, the Tesla Model 3 has some power as well. Only a few competitors can match this Tesla’s speed and agility. 

The interior is simple for those who love a simple aesthetic. There is little on the interior besides a 15-inch touchscreen for your radio and car controls. 

Kia EV6


Another suitable option for an electric car is the Kia EV6. This electric car is known for its well-balanced handling. Not only does it have well-balanced handling, but it is also fun and easy to drive! The Kia EV6 is a comfortable newer electric car made in October 2022. 

The Kia EV6 is compatible with most of the latest high-rated charging stations commonly used for your Tesla. However, you may not have to stop to charge for a long time with the Kia EV6. 

The battery on a Kia EV6 has a range of approximately 310 miles. You must keep in mind things like how you drive, the road conditions, or the weather can impact how long your range is. 


You should get the Kia EV6 for many reasons. Whether you want a more extended range or a fast acceleration to 60, the Kia EV6 has you covered. With a pleasant and smooth riding cab and plenty of power, the Kia EV6 cannot disappoint. 

The Kia EV6 is known for its fast acceleration. With reaching 60 from 0 in 4.7 seconds, you will love the speed of the Kia EV6. This electric car has plenty of speed and comfort to make it pleasurable. Many people stated that the comfort of the Kia EV6 takes all. 

With sharp steering and plenty of room in the cab, the Kia EV6 is fun to drive. The sleek design is a bonus to catching the eye of other drivers. Having a vehicle that is fun to drive could make your next road trip less boring. 


In conclusion, the options for electric cars are endless. However, there are only two best ones; The Kia EV6 and the Tesla Model 3 Standard. These two cars can be perfect for personal or work use. They are even better for a road trip! Whether you want a comfortable and fun car or a sleek and fast car, you have several options, such as the KIA EV6 or the Tesla Model 3.