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Top 5 Tips: The Best Business Ideas For Women in 2020


we live in a society where women are at par everywhere with men in all respect. Now women are in every sector. They do housework, job, higher educations, work in MNC Companies, they are CEO of some companies, etc. Now after doing all this work, they are entering the business world also. We already shared the best work from home ideas which anyone can do. Which men and women both can do. I thought For women I should write one separate post where I will share the best business ideas for women.

I will share some trading and hot business ideas for women which they can start now and become finical independent women. 

So, let see some of the business ideas for women: 

Business ideas for women 

After doing work of home women have lots of time. Also, they have a better experience of managing money than men. in today’s work internet is exploded because of which lots of new opportunities for men as well as women can grab.  

That’s why I think women are best to start any business:

1. Makeup or Cosmetic store

 Every women and girl like makeup they have superior knowledge of all products.  You can start your online or Offline Makeup store. 

Shopify and Facebook are the best platforms to open your digital store. You can take the help of any technical person for the store setup. 


If you go for an online store than your investment for business will be low as compared to an offline store. But I think offline stores are best for makeup and cosmetics stores.

Women like to try a product before they buy anything. So an offline store is always the best option whenever it comes to Cosmetic stores.

2. Cooking/Hotel Business

I think people should that thing in which they are best. There is no doubt that women are way better than men’s in cooking. So, I think opening a new hotel or service of cooking is best for women.

In this business, you require less investment as compare to others. You can also use a cloud kitchen model where you serve service only online via food delivery services like Zomato, swiggy.

This model helps you to save a lot in terms of investments. 

3. Become Event Planner

As I already said you should always do a business in which you are good and everyone knows women are best in event planning. Therefore, if you have any past experiences in management or you hosted any event during college days or anywhere then there are bigger chances that you will love to serve as an event planner.

The investment in this business is very low. Every day lost of events like Marriage, Birthday Parties, Receptions, office parties are hosted. People love to give these works to event planners to avoid extra tension. 

4. Freelancing writing or Blogging

Whenever you face any issue what you do first?

Try to find a solution online on google on different websites?


Have you ever tried to find out how these sites earn when they help without any charges?

They earn by showing ads on their website. Whenever you click on this ad, they get a commission for that click. 

Many people earn in lakhs and million rupees per month with blogging and writing. 

If you are also passionate about writing and you love to share anything online then this is the best option which you should start now. You can use fiver or any websites for job search for writing.

5. Marketing and Public Relation

Women are also good at maintaining relations with others. If you know basic marketing knowledge like editing images, running ads, acquiring new customers than this segment is for.

You can help new businesses to grow online. This is the best chance that you also. With the help of marketing, you can earn lakhs every month.

The best part is you need less investment in this business. 


So, this is my top 5 business ideas for women which they can start now. I can also share many other ideas but you will get confused. This is the best and easiest way of making money.

If you think there are any other best business ideas for women then make sure you comment.

Share this post with your family and friends and let them know about business ideas for women.

Cheers !!


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