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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, the Choco Bot

Chocolate, the Epitome of Your Joys

Chocolate is one of the top food-scoring products in the world. It adds charms to our joys and celebrations. Moreover, It is rich in fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and a few other minerals. Chocolate is the ever best choice whether for a treat or gift. It always pleases one’s mood irrespective of all ages. Everyone wishes to find qualitative and delicious chocolate. Are you looking for larger-than-life chocolate that may leave you with the feelings or want more? Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Is one of your desired Chocolate franchisers.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and its historical Outlook

Of course, everyone says they love chocolate so our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is here to maintain your love. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is an international chocolate franchisor confectionery that will be managed and look after your right choice.

Our factory is providing our services in the United States, Canada, Japan, Philippines, and South Korea from 1918. The main purpose of our brand is to be provided you with safe, healthy, and potential food and want to become part of your beneficial and satisfying meal. We offer caramel flavors with butter, heavy cream, and crisp, sharp and fresh granny smith apples. With our tasty caramel apple items, we are promoting your excellent taste and making quality assurance of our transaction. Judge us on the first-class quality of our chocolate products


Topmost Chocolate products of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

This Chocolate valley offers you a wide range of chocolate products according to your extract and taste.

  • Truffle Items

Chocolate is one of the precious things that are part of your feelings of happiness. Our Chocolate Truffles are also part of your happiness in every moment and every bite. We are arranging Truffles items with dark and pure chocolate, extremely fines cream, butter, and with the extra top quality of topping. It will be appropriate on your desired flavors so please guide us about your flavors.

  • Fudge products.


Everyone has a strong relationship with dessert; to make your relationship stronger with dessert our Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is manufacturing the Fudge products. Chocolate is one of the precious things that are part of your feelings of happiness. These Elegant Truffles center flavored with a hint of liquor and coated with the finest rich chocolate, this assortment of Gourmet truffles offers a refined melt-in-your-mouth. These truffle items include single item favors, Dipped Marshmallow Skewers, and Assorted Chocolate Gift Box.

  • Ice-Cream

Everyone is crazy for ice cream so there is available your desired cool ice cream dessert. Make your moments beautiful and enjoy our out tasty ice cream according to your mood and choice.

  • Hand-dipped caramel apples

These chocolate products are one of the best chocolate products you may find at our top retail stores. You may enhance your joyful moments with these large than life chocolate Apples. These apples are always crisp and just slightly tart. Perfect offset to the caramel.

  • Gluten-Free Milk Chocolate Truffle Bars

Rich and creamy milk chocolate truffle filling are simple and great and simple tasting. These are delight bars for those with gluten intolerance. You may found delicious gourmet Dark chocolate bars with crisps and Gourmet Chocolates with almonds.

  • Gourmet Apple Caramels

These chocolate apples are combined with a double refreshing taste of chocolate and apple essence. These apples last for a week if you wrap each chocolate apple individually in a piece of cellophane. If covered in the plastic container, they can last for up to one week.

  • Other vegan options

Dark chocolate varieties are vegans such as dark choc, macadamia, and cranberry including vegan fudge.

  • Toffee

Indulge in another popular item, a slab of buttery hard toffee in chocolate and rolled in crushed almonds.

  • No sugar added chocolate

Rocky Mountain chocolate cares for its customers’ health and provides special sugar-free products to realize that life can be sweeter without sugar. We also offer a wide range of clusters, caramels, and peanut butter cups. Special offers like no sugar added assortment and a shaker of No sugar added Chocolate Almonds are also provided.

  • Brittle

When come to the world of sweets and deserts how can someone forget Brittles? It is pretty hard to find the best Brittles on earth than Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory’s best Brittles folded in roasted nuts and traditional peanuts.

 Striking Cuisines

Celebrations and joyful events add charm to your life but all these events are incomplete without the sweetness of RMCF products. Whether you are looking for sending gift to your dear ones or Birthday celebrations, these chocolate items are your ever best choice.

  What do We Aim for?

. We want to create a healthy relationship with you; therefore, we are providing you the home delivery so get the benefit from us. This profitable service and stay comfortable with us. Wonderful packing is the representation of someone’s efforts; our efforts are only for our customers so we are providing stylish and eye-catching packing for you on your special events like Easter, Christmas, and birthday. We want to make your moments special, sweet, and greater in size and want to make our customers happy. Stay with us and enjoy our precious products at suitable prices.

The priority of RMCF over other franchisers

1 Having 36 years of excellence this franchiser possesses a worldwide position due to the following salient features.

2 RMCF produces over 3 million Ibs of gourmet chocolates per year that can be found in stores worldwide.

3 Among 400 Franchiser locations around the globe, it has shown how small business can be raised to global uplift

4 It applies its customers due to quality fixtures, striking graphics, and an in-store cooking area.

5 RMCF encourages people to new startups to provide friendly team cooperation.

6 It offers an exciting opportunity to co-brand with either ice cream bars or Brittle.

Nuts and bolts

In a nutshell, RMCF is one of the world’s best Franchisers who have gained international brand position because of its quality products, friendly customer services and easy deliver access. There is nothing strange to name this franchiser

Cream of the crop and you just need to visit once in all your life.







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