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How Mephobia Describes Tattoos? How some tik tokers tattoo their face?

Mephobia will give you an introduction to tattoos. Now the name of this tattoo is Mifu Biya. Sometimes many tik tokers make this tattoo on their face with their eyes down. An online creator whose video is shared on the platform. The video platform has many followers. It is said that the number of his followers is more than three million. His correction is under his right eye.

What is Mephobia?

What is Mephobia Info or what does it is and how it affects human health? Let’s discuss it. Mephobia is extremely scary. The human race cannot handle the damage caused by it. And it also causes death. Whether mysophobia is real is not at all. Do you think that someone can meet you because of the surprisingly safe? Not. But if you are very good. So one can be extremely jealous.

Should You Get a Mephobia Face Tattoo?

Still, you can get your answer then, If you’re too crazy about the term “ phobia ” and confused about whether you should get a phobia face tattoo or not.

Mephobia Face Tattoo

Watch this phobia-tattooed girl

She’s a TikTok with2.8 a million followers. You can follow her on TikTok@Muawk

Melophobia Symptoms

Like every complaint, Mephobia also has some symptoms like

You daydream too important that you’re so stupendous.

Frequently feel that people are jealous of you.

Also daydream that whenever you go out, people will fall at your bases.

Get the station of queens, although no bone indeed cares about it.

And last but not least, you fill your phone storehouse by taking too numerous selfies.

Mephobia is a word with a creative personality. and some people have this word tattooed on their bodies to express their personality. I suppose it might also be a good idea to make the word customized legs. You can choose the fountain, color, and material you want. Show your unique personality by cascading it on clothes, headdresses, or bags as decoration.

What does phobia mean?

It is said about the tattoo that its sound effects are very scary. They are so dangerous that they start wiping out the human race. Because their changes are amazing. And man cannot handle it. With the word dating back to early 2011, it has also been shown to have more than a decade of meaning. Although it seems that his attack on the Ka’an Lan level is completely over. But there are many types of phobias, which are defined as their fear of something that doesn’t show up in the real world.

Example Usage

I just finished as the leader in the game. I’m the sole survivor and at the top of the leaderboard. Eat it, suckers, I have a case of a phobia, and you all should bow before me. Dennis is such an egoist. He keeps walking around calling himself the “ Golden God. ” He must have a severe case of Mephobia. ”Still, you need a reality check, “ If you have a phobia. You’re not so stupendous that people will just fall over themselves and die. What are you allowing? ”

I can no way let you guys know my true identity. However, they’ll get me phobia about how stupendous I am, and everyone dies, If anyone discovers who I am. ”Yes, I have a phobia! If you all find out how stupendous I am, you’re all going to die! ”So, you suppose you’re the stylish thing since sliced chuck, hey? You have a case of phobia Let’s leave him alone. ”

Some pennants have a severe case of phobia. It’s like they suppose that if anyone finds out how stupendous they are, they’ll die. ”Mephobia is a problem with pennants. They all suppose they add value to society, but they’re doing nothing but furnishing meaningless content to meaningless lives. ”


The expression “ Mephobia” originates from online chatrooms like 4Chan and Reddit. The first meme using the word as a caption appeared in April 2011. Language experts are doubtful of the exact origins of the expression and how it is integrated into society.

Still, it’s generally allowed to come from the streaming gamer culture or forum or communication board culture. People produce strange terms and shoptalk in these surroundings and apply them to their speech online.

TikTok MUAWK has had the ink since 2020

TikTok stoner MUAWK who has over three million followers on the videotape-participating platform has had her phobia tattoo since 2020. Suckers of the creator, who’s known for her makeup metamorphoses, will know that the TikToker essay is placed under her right eye.

The online creator proved to get the essay in a videotape that she participated in on her YouTube in March 2020. Since getting the tattoo, MUAWK has addressed commentary regarding her essay across her runner as druggies have wondered both what it says as well as if it’s real. In her rearmost videotape, the creator was seen to point her face tattooed in a videotape, as she pretended to wipe off her essay with a q- tip

MUAWK has previously addressed the meaning behind her phobia of face tattoo

In May 2020, a couple of months after the TikToker got the essay tatted, MUAWK addressed the tattoo’s meaning in a videotape. In the post, she explained that commenters frequently ask questions regarding her tattoo, so she allowed them to make a videotape that they can relate to. She also added that her tattoo’s meaning had the same as the delineations in Urban Dictionary “ It means the fear of being so stupendous that the mortal race can’t handle it and everyone dies. ”

While she didn’t reflect on a reason why she chose to get the inking, in her YouTube videotape getting the tattoo, as she reflected on the terms ’ meaning to her tattoo artist, she admitted she allowed it was “ ridiculous. ”

Ways People May Say Mephobia Incorrectly

Some people may misspell the saying as “ neophobia, ” which is incorrect. Using this in a professional setting would confuse people ignorant of shoptalk terms and memes. It’s informal language and indecorous for the plant, despite its inoffensive meaning and use.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Mephobia

You can use “ Mephobia” in social chatrooms and textbook exchanges. It’s a common meme posted to communication boards when people are feeling good about themselves and the impact they make on the terrain.

Still, you have a lot of confidence in yourself, and you presumably achieved an important thing for yourself lately, If you suppose you’re so stupendous that other people might die. While it’s a tone-centered expression, we wouldn’t consider it a self-expression however, ” it means that you’re creating an “ impact ” on others with your conduct or words, If you’re being “ stupendous. The expression isn’t suitable for professional use.



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