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List of things you can eat to satisfy your late-night cravings

Don’t you feel that human bodies are weird? Like sometimes, you feel an insatiable urge to eat a cupcake, and the other times your body says a pizza would have been nice. Sometimes, it just doesn’t make any sense to me; Cravings have no particular time. It can happen to anybody, anytime (and that too without warning). It is easy to handle your cravings smartly in the morning because your mind is full alert at that time, but it becomes a bit tricky at night. At night, considering your mind is in a shutdown process, and it’s your heart taking up the charge, you probably don’t make the smartest decisions and end up eating foods that you probably regret the following morning. Even the most strong-willed person falls prey to midnight snacking. Raise your hand if you are guilty of this one. List of things you can eat to satisfy your late-night cravings.

Cravings are nothing but a slight inclination towards some type of food or desserts, which can soon become nagging if not satisfied in time. It’s true that some foods are not as healthy as the others, so when your body asks for them, we usually subside it with other healthier options. But you know at night people generally give in. When half awake, you are not really in a mood to indulge in cooking and all. You tend to grab anything that comes to your site, and those are mostly packed foods. If so, trust me, you are not alone. But stop, before you give in this time, I would like to share some healthier alternatives that you can munch on when your tummy rumbles at midnight. No more carrying the guilt of what you did last night. Let’s begin with the list.

Spiced popcorn

One thing that you should always keep handy at your home is a pack of popcorns. Oh, sorry, I forgot, who doesn’t have popcorn at home. You know popcorn is the only snack that is whole grain making them a healthier yet tastier option to munch on. Also, they are easy to make as well, even at night time. All it takes is 5 minutes from your sleep time. Just a reminder that the ready-made ones are actually loaded with butter. So if you want to skip that as well, try and make your own roasted ones.

Dark chocolate cake

Time to get a guilt-free cake delivery after reading this point. Dark chocolate cake is a healthy option when you crave sugar at midnight. Dark chocolate contains compounds that have feel-good hormones. That gives you a good reason to eat dark chocolate cake at night. The good news is that if a cake isn’t readily available in your fridge, you can get midnight cake delivery just when your hunger strikes.

Roasted chickpeas

This is another healthy option to have at night. Chickpeas contain a nutritious value that instead of harming your body, will benefit it in many ways. Roasted chickpeas are readily available in the market, I would instead suggest you make your own version as you can add spices according to your own preference. Keep it stocked at your bedside so that instead of getting distracted by the stuff alluring you in your kitchen, you get your snack right by your side. Roasted chickpeas are a great gifting option. You can send gifts online to your special ones to make them feel exhilarated!

Kale chips

Who isn’t aware of the benefits of kale chips, they were and continue to be in trend. They are loaded with energy, as well as nutrition. To make a lip-smacking night snack, just toss some kale leaves in olive oil and salt, and bake in the microwave until the edges turn light brown.

This is all with the snacking list you can swear to tame the late-night cravings. So, next time you are about to reach out for potato chips, remind yourself of these healthy options.


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