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11 tips: How to Clean Up a Computer to Make It Run Faster?


This new age world is all about speed and agility! Gone are the days of lackluster and laidback attitude, if you want to grow you have to be extremely quick. The same holds true for computers. Isn’t it? With the advent of technology and the entire world becoming a global village, computers have become an integral part of our lives in general. It’s very interesting things how to Clean Up a Computer to Make It Run Faster?

We continue to work without rest, keep on doing a desk and routine job, and eat whatever comes our way. What happens to us? We become flabby, right? To stay in good shape and perform everyday activities with aplomb and agility, we need some physical activity, we need a workout. Similarly, computers need some maintenance and some tweaks. Once this is done, they become agile again and work with tremendous speed.

Many times, there are duplicate pictures on the computer and the same makes it perform slower. Duplicate Photo Finder tool comes in handy in such a case as it not only removes redundant items but also helps you recover the lost disk space.

Now, let’s have a quick look at the major reasons that cause the computers to work slower:

  • Numerous startup programs running on the background
  • The presence of dangerous computer viruses and other malicious programs
  • Visuals & Graphics effects
  • Less RAM and space on the Disk drive.
  • The Hard disk is on the verge of getting full.
  • Multiple browser tabs are open.


Apart from the above ones, there are various reasons that can cause your computer to work at the snail’s pace.

Imagine you are in the middle of something extremely important and your computer/laptop is not responding to the commands or hangs in the middle, how will you feel? You will get irritated, right? You can get infuriated because you have to order something important or maybe you are working on some payment which is absolutely critical. It can prove to be hazardous indeed for your work, business, etc if the computer does not work properly.


Do not worry at all, there is a remedy to this problem and by using the below-mentioned tips, you can make your computer run faster and accomplish your tasks in a Jiffy! Read on to know the same:

1. Remove Unwanted Software

There are several programs in our computers that we do not actually need but sometimes they are being installed at the time of purchase. Take a good look at all programs that you have and then jot down the ones that you do not need. Go to the “Control Panel” and immediately uninstall such programs.

2. Clean Up the Disk

There are several large files on your computer which are not required at all. The examples are temporary internet files, program installers, log files, etc. These are the result of your regular usage of the computer. This clutter also includes internet history, cache, cookies, etc. Make sure to scan the entire disk and weed out such clutter and empty the recycle bin as well to improve the performance of your computer. The history of the visited web pages should also be deleted frequently.

3. Keep Your Programs Updated

If you update the programs available in your computer regularly then the same will help you to weed out the glitches and the bugs.

4. Enhance the RAM

A very nice hack is to add some more RAM to your computer if you want to use additional programs on your computer. It is a very easy and effective method as you can purchase more RAM without any hassle. You can entirely buy new RAM or replace the existing one if the situation demands the same.

5. Install Effective Antivirus

Antivirus software is a must-have for computers, especially if you want it to work at an optimum speed. The Trojans, Virus, Malware, and the bugs make the computer work at a snail’s pace. If you have a good antivirus, then it will make sure that these troubles stay away. Additionally, the computer will remain safe & secure from such troubles in the future.

6. Cloud Storage

Often there is a situation when there are high-resolution pics and videos stored on the computer, they eat up the considerable space and hence result in the slow working of the computer. In today’s world, a lot of options are available to store such data on the cloud. You can even buy an external hard disk to preserve such data and keep your computer disk clean and free.

7. Disable Automatic Programs

When you start a computer, often there is a case when there are automatic programs begin to run in the background. These programs eat up the memory of the computer and cause the same to work at a slow pace. Having said that the Firewall and the Antivirus programs are the boons to the speed of the computer but others should not be allowed to run in the background.

8. Web Browsers

This may sound trivial but do you know that even the browser that you use can also cause the computer to work slower. The images, videos, the web pages download at a slower pace on a particular browser, it is high time that you think about picking up an alternative browser.  This may make a difference in the way information loads up. Another reason for the slower browser may be the cache, go ahead and in the settings section, and ensure that it becomes empty.

When you browse through the different webpages, your computer stores cache, cookies and the same become a big roadblock. You can choose “Chrome” instead of the internet explorer, Chrome is much swift in working and has fewer bugs.

9. Tweak the Power Settings

The “Power saver mode” actually slows down the PC and this is the most common option available even in the desktop. Your best bet should be to choose the balanced or the high-performance option.

10. Other Few Simple Adjustments

Even the small tweaks like reducing the skin resolution can make your computer work at a lightning pace and can enhance the life of the battery as well.

11. Switch to SSD Drive

If you can implement an SSD drive to your computer then it can improve the performance of your customer. However, the other side of the coin is that they are a bit expensive and do not have an adequate storage capacity as well.

Concluding Words:

There it is! Computers are an integral part of our lives and hence we should take due care of them. They help us in our day to day routine activities and become slow with the increased usage, data storage, dirt, etc. Instead of getting perplexed because of the same, follow these simple tricks and make your computer run faster.







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