Questions to Ask Your Lawyer Before Filing a Lawsuit for Workers Compensation Claim 


Filing a lawsuit for a workers’ compensation claim gives you financial compensation for workplace injuries. But, the process involves several legal entanglements that may delay your compensation. 

Fortunately, when you hire expert Law Advice lawyers, it becomes more effortless for you. Here’s what you need to ask them before hiring a lawyer to handle your compensation claim. 

Who Will Deal With Your Case?

Whenever you meet a senior lawyer in a legal firm, you tend to assume that they will directly deal with your case. But this isn’t always the case. 

Several law firms hire associates who work as a team to handle their clients’ cases. Some attorneys are more efficient than others in handling certain types of claims. Sometimes, the associates you want to work with maybe too occupied to take up a new case. 

You can always work with another attorney, but you need to know their capabilities and experience beforehand. So, make sure to ask who will handle your case before you make your decision.   

Do You Need to Pay Upfront Fees for the Legal Service?

If you hire personal injury lawyers, you don’t need to pay an upfront fee as they only take a small part of your settlement. If you don’t win, they don’t get paid. While most law firms do this, there may be some that don’t, so make sure you check with them beforehand. 

When you check with them beforehand, you know whether or not they charge any additional fees regardless of the results of your claim so that you can be prepared for it in advance.  

How Many Years of Experience Do They Have in Personal Injury Law Practice?

Before hiring Law Advice lawyers, ask for how long they have handled legal cases. Ask them regarding personal injury and workers’ compensation. If an attorney only has years of experience handling corporate cases, they won’t help your case much. 

When your claim is simple and straightforward, you may find success with any lawyer. However, if you have a complex claim, you should hire a lawyer with years of experience. 

Have You Previously Handled The Same Cases?

All workers’ compensation cases differ depending on factors such as types of injuries, date of the event, and their effects on your body. At times, the employer’s response to the claim, the extent of paperwork filed are other factors lawyers must consider before determining how much compensation you should claim. 

Hire a lawyer who has successfully dealt with similar cases multiple times. They can check all the claim details and give you a suitable answer. 

Have You Been Successful in Such Cases?

Ask the lawyers about their success rates, as that will help you to make your decision. Their success rate reflects the percentage of paid claims among the total number of filed cases. If they have a high success rate, hire them. 

If they refuse to share their success rates, look for other attorneys. Transparency is key, and any lawyer who is not transparent is not trustworthy. 

Don’t forget to ask the questions mentioned above to make sure you hire the best lawyers before filing a workers’ compensation claim lawsuit.