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It’s Time to Travel: 5 Top Safest Places to Travel for Americans

Millions of Americans hit the road or skies to head to other countries each year. If you’re ready to scratch that adventure itch, you might be trying to figure out the best place for you to go. Finding the safest places to travel should be one of the things you consider when you’re deciding where to go, and we will help you in that area. All these places are the safest places.

Although, you can make Alaska Airlines reservations to reach all these places very easily and efficiently. Continue reading this article, and we will show you where to vacation safely when traveling out of the country.

1. Ireland

When you’re looking for amazing things to do, Ireland is the perfect place to go. There isn’t a lot of terrorism there, political violence, or militarization.

2. Australia

When you travel to Australia, you won’t find a lot of violence, political problems, or militarization. It’s an overall safe place to travel, and there are plenty of things to keep you busy when you go.

You can’t miss the Great Barrier Reef when you’re there, and let’s not forget the gorgeous Sydney Harbour. The Gold Coast has plenty to keep you busy with the beach, water parks, and much more.

3. Iceland

Iceland is known for being politically stable, having high social support, and high safety overall. You will find there are a lot of people in Iceland touring, but as long as you don’t mind big crowds, this can be a great place for newbie world travelers.

When you’re in Iceland, you can’t miss the Blue Lagoon or Gullfoss Falls. You can spend hours drinking in the beauty of these places.

4. Switzerland

When visiting Switzerland, you’ll find low crime rates, low terrorism, and great political stability. The only thing you might not like about going to Switzerland is how much money you’ll have to spend when you’re there.

The Swiss Alps will amaze you, but there are plenty of other places to explore while you’re there as well. Enjoy the vineyards and plenty of good eats anywhere you go.

5. Scandinavia

Scandinavia is three countries in one, so you’re getting some bonuses. Visiting Sweden, Norway, or Denmark is a safe bet with their low crime rates, low political instability, and low political violence.

There is something for everyone to see from the Little Mermaid statue to the eye-pleasing architecture.

The Safest Places to Travel – Now You Know

Now you know the safest places to travel, and you can start planning your trip. There are plenty of options for you, no matter what you want to do and see.

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