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How to Vet and Hire a Licensed Roofing Contractor in Your Local Area

Did you know that if you get a brand new roofing option, it can hold its value over time and return up to 85% of its initial cost when you sell the house? This is a great reason to upgrade your current roofing option, especially if you have detected a lot of leaks and deterioration lately.

But if you have decided to replace the roof, now you have to solve an important problem – finding a licensed roofing contractor.

You cannot simply work with any roofing contractor and expect excellent craftsmanship.

Keep reading this article to learn how to find a roofer that does a great job at a reasonable price.

Make Sure the Roofer Is Licensed and Insured

If your contractor is not licensed, you have a higher chance of being scammed. If your contractor is not insured, you can be held accountable if a roofing professional gets injured on your property.

That’s why you should ask your potential contractor if he has insurance and a license to practice his job. Make sure that you get his license number and keep it for your records.

Ask for Testimonials and Look Online for Reviews

When screening your contractors, make sure that you ask for testimonials, and look online for genuine reviews.

You should also ask the contractor for pictures of past work because images usually speak for themselves. Most roofing contractors are glad to show proof of their services.

Check With Better Business Bureau

BBB is an important organization that stores reviews and information from multiple types of businesses. You can check the Better Business Bureau online and see if there are any negative comments or feedback associated with the roofing contractor you plan to hire.

Checking the BBB is also a good way to identify amateur roofing contractors who are looking to make a quick buck. After massive storms, a lot of roofs are damaged and that’s when many roofing companies are founded.

In a lot of cases, such businesses only take advantage of the opportunity and they’re not well-established or experienced, so try to avoid them.

Obtain Quotes From Multiple Contractors

Especially if you live in a large city, chances are that there are a lot of roofing contractors in your area.

Try to obtain estimates or quotes from multiple companies and see which one fits your budget the best. Ideally, you don’t want to go for the cheapest contractor because chances are that you’ll get a poor-quality job done.

Meet Your Contractors in Person

After you have selected one roofing contractor, it’s time to meet with them in person. Make sure that you ask as many questions as you’d like.

If your contractors seem enthusiastic and knowledgeable, that’s a good sign. If they seem bothered by your questions, maybe it’s time to look for something else.

Now You Know How to Find a Great Licensed Roofing Contractor

Make sure that you commit everything you have discussed with your licensed roofing contractor on paper. This includes the costs of materials, deadlines, shipping times, additional fees, etc.

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