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How to Choose the Right PIF Manager for Your Product Data?

The food industry has to comply with several rules and regulations. For example, food companies in Australia have to report and record product information as a part of compliance. PIF (Product Information Form) Manager helps food businesses streamline the process of recording and reporting product information through secure portals. 

If you run a food business in Australia, you need to choose the right solution like BizCaps PIF Manager for your product data.

Several PIF Manager Applications are available in the market, and choosing the right one for your food business can be a daunting task. Here are a few pointers and guidelines that can help you select the right PIF Manager.

Cloud-Based Solution

There are several reasons to go for a cloud-based PIF Manager Solution. For example, there are no infrastructure requirements, and the deployment is pretty fast. Also, the cloud-based PIF Manager has lower initial setup costs, and your capital is not locked when purchasing the solution. 

According to experts, a cloud-based PIF manager allows you to manage all your PIFs from a central web-based repository. The centralized web-based solution streamlines the data entry and search process, and the staff does not have to go through lengthy procedures while managing product information forms. 

Data Security 

When purchasing a cloud-based PIF solution, you need to ensure the vendor offers optimal data security. The product information management software should have proper encryption at different data storage levels, which will make the system less susceptible to hacking. 

You also need to check the data storage terms and conditions and ensure they will not share data with 3rd party entities without your permission. 


Every company takes measures to reduce operational costs and improve profitability. Services like BizCaps PIF Manager offers a PIF solution with affordable monthly pricing plans. 

Most cloud-based PIF solution vendors offer a discount to businesses for a large volume of PIFs. Make sure the PIF solution does not have user-based fees or any additional costs. 

Adapts to Your Business Process 

Compatibility is a big issue when choosing business software. The PIF solution you choose should adapt to your business processes. It will ensure the PIF solutions integrate well with other business systems. And you do not have to change existing business processes. 

Share PIF Forms with Trading Partners. 

Food businesses need to share PIF forms with customers and trading partners. The PIF solution you choose should allow easy sharing of PIF forms across the supply chain and beyond. Sharing PIF forms will eliminate the need for double entries that lead to mistakes and consume lots of time.

Also, sharing PIF forms will eliminate the need to cross-check product information forms and make things a lot easier for all food supply chain stakeholders. 


The PIF solution should be scalable that allows businesses to use it on a per-need basis. A scalable solution means the access of the PIF solution is not limited to one or two devices, and you can access PIF forms from anywhere, anytime. 

To sum up, the PIF solution is a necessity for food businesses to maintain efficiency and compliance. The tips and guidelines given above help you focus on essential aspects of the software that will help your food business in many ways. 


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