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Essential Factors to consider before Air Conditioning Installation


If you are tired of sultry summers or sweaty nights and planning to install air conditioning at home or office. This is a good decision that can change your life. It circulates cool air in the room; it is free from dirt, dust, or particles making it ideal for creating a healthy environment in the room. However, the working capacity of an individual rises in cool temperatures. The air conditioner also helps you to get a sound sleep at night.


The Installation of Air Conditioner Should Be Done Only By Professionals

The installation of AC can be tricky and time-consuming. It may take several days depending on the model of air conditioner like Central Air Conditioner, Window AC, Split AC, Portable AC, etc. Always check the special features of AC before shopping, like a reverse cycle, inverter, and Smart AC. That would not be pragmatic and jarring to the eyes.

Important Points to remember before Air Conditioning Installation


1. The Quality of Air Conditioning: 

A high-quality AC usually comes expensive. They come with special features that add value to the product. What is really critical about AC Installation is to check the AC, whether it is for residential usage or for commercial buildings. Premium quality will ensure less frequent repair of your AC. 16% of the total electricity that is used in your home is consumed by an air conditioner. In regions where you experience extreme summer, the monthly bills can have 40% increases due to an operation.


2. Size of the Space:

This is of paramount importance; make sure the size of the AC perfectly fits in the available space in the room. The professional workers always measure the AC dimensions before installing their space. The space between the indoor and outdoor units of a split AC should be 15 meters. This will allow for good cooling.

3. Maintain the Installation Height: 

An indoor unit of Split AC needs to maintain 7 to 8 ft distance from the ground. It should be mounted on a vantage point to enable the smooth cooling effect inside the room. The wall on which the AC will be installed should be strong enough to comfortably carry the weight of the AC. This will avoid any accidents during installations. The installation height, the size, and the position of both the indoor and the outdoor unit actually decide what the total price of installation will be.


4. The angle of the Indoor unit should be tilted:

This is another important point that needs to be kept in mind. This will help an uninterrupted flow of the condensed water from the drain pipe. We should fix both the aluminum bracket and the indoor AC in a slanted angle. For example, ideally, if you install an air conditioner in your bedroom, it should be installed on any one side of your bed. Do not place it also in the opposite direction where a bed is kept.


5. Placement of the Outdoor Unit:

Remember to place the outdoor unit of the air conditioning in a shade, away from the direct glare of the sun and rain.


6. Cost: 

If you want to buy a small AC to cut costs, it is not a good idea. It will consume more energy and can cause more inconvenience later. Buy a decent AC, checking its reviews. Always ask the professionals for the installation cost; make sure it fits your pocket.

We can conclude by saying, follow these points before installing the AC in the room. Poor installation of AC can incur frequent troubles.


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