Born Rosé, the ideal choice to accompany any meeting

Born Rosé

Those who know how to enjoy wine and define it as one of the greatest pleasures in life have always taken into account the virtues of rosé wines. They are the most unknown, but currently, they are the most consumed worldwide.

Their sales are growing annually in international markets, so rose wine has gone from being mysterious to a real trend, especially in the summer season. And it is not a passing fad, the International Wine & Spirit Research underlines that rosé has grown by 41% in volume and 74% in value. 

Among the most valued and best-rated rosé wines worldwide is Born Rosé. A young winery from Barcelona that started its adventure in 2019, inspired by the growing international trend of rosés from the West Coast of the United States or the French Provence.

Their philosophy is to be a reflection and inspiration of a lifestyle. They have the firm belief that the world of wine can be more fun and authentic, and that you can enjoy a rosé with anyone, anywhere, and in any way because this winery also presents it in cans. This has earned them being awarded gold medals consecutively from 2020 to 2022 by The Global Rosé Masters (International Canned Wine Competition). Their other products also enjoy various international recognitions.

They have different varieties of wines made with organic grapes and natural fermentation. All of them are fresh and light and are an excellent accompaniment to any gathering.

Its origin is in vineyards in the wonderful region of Penedés in Catalonia and it can be said that it is probably the best rosé wine produced in Spain. A country with an extraordinary tradition and fame of its wineries, where excellent wines of worldwide prestige are produced.

Perfect pairings with rosé wine

Many times the question is what to pair a rosé wine with and the truth is that it is one of the most appreciated wines. It is perfect for an aperitif or on a hot day because it should be served very cold, between 4-8º depending on the variety. 

Rosé wine, like white wine, should be enjoyed at low temperature in order to savor its aromas in the best way and are ideal for beginners in the world of wine.

The main quality of rosé is its versatility. They can be drunk at any time, and are very pleasant and elegant in the mouth with fruity and floral aromas and flavors. They pair very well with a wide variety of dishes, from lighter to fattier options.

As we have mentioned, Born Rosé has an exquisite variety of rosé wines that combine perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine. In short, its origin is in a city as special as Barcelona.

We highlight some of them to better enjoy their nuances.

The 503 Born Rosé fits magnificently with a good assortment of cold meats and cheeses. For pasta, rice dishes, fish, and not very spicy white meats, it is an excellent accompaniment.

Born Rosé Barcelona is the ideal pairing for lighter dishes such as salads, grilled vegetables, fish, and seafood.

Born Rosé Brut is its sparkling wine. A delight that keeps the essence and aromas of organic Pinot Noir grapes. Its flavor and intensity stand out thanks to the bubbles and it is a good choice to combine with a variety of tapas, sushi, salads, and paellas. It is the best to accompany by a good dessert.

If you have not yet dared with rosé wine, it is time to join the Rosé Revolution.